Sunday, March 11, 2007

Excitement in Cambridge, NY Excitement in Cambridge, NY

A soft glow illuminates the night.

It's been an exciting 24 hours in Cambridge, NY. On Saturday, March 10th the area was hit with a power outage. Friends and neighbors have told me that when riding home from up-county they saw a huge flash in the sky...

and then the lights went out.

Naturally, I thought I'd caused the outage when I tried to submit a grant application to the NEA. I've been writing grants for the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company and am under the deadline. Last minute, of course!

Reading passed the night away

I dug out the candles, flashlight and lantern, hunkered down with a good book, and enjoyed my evening the old fashioned way. Setting the clock ahead at 9:30 pm fooled me into thinking it was late enough to go to bed. Cats curled on the bed for added warmth, I slept the night away.

Frantic to complete my grant submission, I sought out a local internet cafe in Schulyerville. I'm happy to report that all goes well with the grant and I made some new friends along the way. Just shy of 24 hours later, the power has come back on, but it made for an exciting evening for me and my cats.

Loosing power can be nerve wracking, but it's also sort of fun, slows down the pace a bit and reminds us that candle power gives off a beautiful glow.


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