Thursday, March 22, 2007

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Seasons Passing on English Road
March 12, 2007 - English Road. The early noon sun shone down in forty-degree weather making all of the snow on the hillsides of our Valley resemble great inverted bowls and plates of old milk glass. The snow was old itself, sculpted and scoured by the winds of the weeks before, then softly smoothed, polished and refined by the heat of the sun, finally more densely merged by the higher spring like temperatures causing it to melt from beneath itself. The end result was a glowing, eerie, almost alien landscape through which I meandered that day. This shot from English Road is a marvelous example of the all but imperceptible way I see each winter metamorphose into spring. May your Spring be a glorious and sweetly memorable one. I’ll be around collecting its images. Perhaps we will pass by one another’s lives as imperceptibly as the seasons pass one another upon our beautiful area hillsides.-June Mohan
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