Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where Can I Find That? #3 Where Can I Find That? #3

Dear Where Can I Find That,

Is there a local restaurant that has Vegan dishes on the menu?
Signed - Restaurant Challenged

Dear Restaurant Challenged,

Eating out as a vegan is difficult in a community with just a few restaurants. Not too long ago we had friends visiting from Pennsylvania. The couple is a vegetarian and vegan. To ensure they had options and not just side dished, I called the restaurant ahead of time and they had two selections for our vegan friend and the regular menu plus other options for the vegetarian. My suggestion, call ahead and ask if they can accommodate special diets. Both the Cambridge Hotel and JT Bakers have vegan options of their menu. Having eaten at 111 and West Village Market, I’m confident that with a little heads-up Kathy and Paula will ensure your culinary dreams are fulfilled.

Dear Where Can I Find That,

I need help with my iMac computer. Are there any Mac specialists in the area?
Signed, I love my apples

Dear Apples,

Washington County has some of the most delicious apples. I’m always torn between picking my own at Hicks or just buying a bushel at Perry’s or Borden’s – my favs are Ginger Golds and Macs…..I know not that kind of Apple!!

Wilson Pratt is your man if he can’t fix it no one can…Pratt Computers just behind Over the Moon Beads and Gifts, Cambridge Insurance and West Village Market. Drop your computer off, have a little snack, check to insure you’re properly insured and then craft a little something sparkley for you or someone on your shopping list!!


My 14 year old next door neighbor often helps take care of my cats. I want to give her a little something for the holidays, but I have no idea what a 14 year old would want. I'm on a really tight budget, but do you have any suggestions?
Signed, Crazy Catwoman of Cambridge

Dear Crazy Cat Woman,

Pay her double with a gift certificate from a place like the Village Store or Penny Wise. Truly, I don’t like giving gift certificates because it seems so impersonal – but the joy of free money for a teen may get them into a shop they would not normally go into. Additionally, you decide how much you wish to spend.

A note on gift certificates: While I don’t like to give them they are essential to area businesses. Non-retail business owners should consider giving local gift certificates to their customers and employees as thank yous and rewards. A variety of things happen – you spend money locally, purchasers sometimes spend a little more and you might just be introducing the recipient to a new business.


Anonymous Hilary said...

I'm with you, Restaurant Challenged! And wow! Thanks for the recommendations, Finder! I'd never visited or given a thought to JT Bakers, but was excited enough to look up their menu just now.... "Seitan?! No way!"


Also, I'd like to add two recommendations: the Common Ground Cafe (located across the street from the Co-Op) and Something's Brewing (in Greenwich). The people at Common Ground are wonderful and will happily accommodate any dietary restriction/preference. Request a cheeseless pizza on spelt crust, or a matê latte with almond milk!

Something's Brewing also offers soymilk. Combine their couscous salad with the prepackaged heart cookies for a scrumptious vegan lunch. Or save dessert for a hop across the street to the Greenwich Local Market.

Thanks again, Where Can I Find That! Yours is such a useful feature!

10:39 AM  

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