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Cambridge Life 3/24/08 Cambridge Life 3/24/08

Cambridge, NY residents no longer need to wonder what will happen with the historic Depot building. The Depot has long been a building waiting for a purpose and when the Community Partnership purchased the property they wanted to find a way for it to be integrated into community life. Through the determination and drive of local resident Gerry Holzman, last Thursday that problems was solved.

Photos:Sara Kelly, Over the Moon Graphics

Gerry knows a lot about restoring antique carousels and he and his wife, Arlene, have volunteered their services to begin a community project to bring one to the Battenkill Valley. Gerry was the designer and head carver of the beautiful Empire State Carousel on permanent exhibit at the Farmers Museum in Cooperstown. The Holzmans have begun working with the Community Partnership to bring a charming 1947 “kiddie” carousel to the local area. This 20-foot-diameter carousel will become a community project for local residents, including artisans, schoolchildren, businesspeople, and anyone else interested in getting involved in the restoration.

Photos: Sara Kelly, Over the Moon Graphics

With Gerry and members of the Community Partnership standing by, the "kiddie" carousel was set-up in the Depot. It took the better part of last Thursday to set the merry-go-round up, but once it was done, local children were invited to check it out.
Gerry is one of the many local residents who have been featured in Treasures of Cambridge where you can read more about Gerry and his many talents. It's exciting news for Cambridge, NY residents and visitors alike. Look for updates on the carousel on this blog.

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