Monday, April 21, 2008

Cambridge Life: 4/21/08 Cambridge Life: 4/21/08

Photos: John Carlson & June Mohan

Hey Cambridge, seems we went from winter to summer, doesn't it? What a week just past. Between dog sitting for my sister in Maryland and celebrating Passover with family in Connecticut, I nearly missed the daffodils blooming. How many of you have turned on the outside water and found yourself saying, "It's just too early to have to be watering the garden."

I have a request to all the readers of the Cambridge Buzz. I am searching for a copy of January 2007 National Geographic Magazine. There is an article that I need for some research I'm doing on Humpback whales. Anyone out there keep their back issues of Nat. Geo? Send me an email Debra Pearlman and let me know if you can help me with this one.

On to another subject...what a bike race last Saturday! Kudos to Dieter and his crew for a fabulous event. Next up on the Cambridge schedule is Hubbard Hall's annual perennial plant sale. It's this Saturday, April 26 9:00 am. Come early for the best selection.

The next several weekends are packed with wonderful events. Here's a brief preview of what will be happening around the area:

May 3 is Derby Day Dinner Fest. Call 518-677-8495 to make your reservations.
May 4 @ 2:00 pm - mad hot Ballroom A dance on Film event.
May 10 is Jazz Night: Art Lande, Johannes Weidenmueller and Bruce Williamson at the Hall.
May 11 is Contra Dancing at the Beacon Feed Dance Studio - no experience necessary.
May 16 is Opening Night Dinner for Man of La Mancha. Call 518-677-8495 for info.

And this does not include all the new classes at Hubbard Hall, the lectures in the area, soccer games, baseball season, tennis time...phew! So much to do...

See you round town as I celebrate my Life in Cambridge, NY.


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