Monday, May 12, 2008

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

It has been more than one year since we purchased the former Cambridge Florist Building on the corner of East Main and South Park Streets in Cambridge, NY. Our plan had been to open it last June, but unexpected renovations had to be made and are yet in progress as I type this. The changes are going to be quite lovely, creating a re-birthed structure in Cambridge that will serve citizens and visitors.

Photos by June Mohan

It is our hope to have 50 East Gallery open by mid-summer. The inside renovations are nearly over and we can finally say we can see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. Sculptures, paintings, weaving, jewelry, films, photographs, woodworking, metalworking, poetry, prose, stained glass, blown glass, pottery, on and on.........oh, what a diversity of beauty and thought provoking work there shall be to choose. I can't wait to exhibit the talents of those who call this beautiful part of New York State "home".

It is just so wonderful to finally have interior rooms which will be lovely spaces to display art of all kinds. Completed exterior painting and landscaping will probably have to wait until next spring.

Photos by June Mohan

The photos we are posting on the Cambridge Buzz show some of the renovation and restoration as it took place.

For those interested, we have begun interviewing Artists and Craftsmen in varied media and levels. We are also searching for talent for our "Entertainment Nights", needing musicians, and varied entertainers for lively, fun evenings at 50 East Gallery. If you, or someone you know, would like to try to exhibit your work or entertain, please call us at 518-686-0366 for an appointment.


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