Friday, May 02, 2008

Cambridge Life 5/2/08 Cambridge Life 5/2/08

Photos by John Carlson and June Mohan

This has been a week of change in Cambridge, NY. Sunday was beautifully springlike and sunny and now we are back in the freezer. I turned my heat off and am loath to turn the furnace back on, what with heating oil going for over $4 a gallon. Which leads me to comment on the big excitement on Main Street this past Tuesday evening. Fire trucks blocked the driveway of my good friend KT's house...but don't worry, it was just her need for heat and a furnace that decided that it wanted a smoke instead. No harm, no foul just a scary moment. I know some folks were annoyed by the "traffic jam" this created (and I was a contributing factor in that), but neighbors check on neighbors here in Cambridge, NY and I needed to be sure that all was well with my friends.

We are heading into farmers' market season. Look for the Cambridge Farmers' Market to be up and running for Memorial Day weekend (Sunday, May 25). Checkout the Hubbard Hall website for upcoming events, performances and class schedules.

Upcoming Events:

May 3 & 4 - The 16th Annual Washington County FiberTour

May 3 & 4 - Battenkill Chorale performance at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Greenwich

May 9 - Cabaret Night at the Cambridge Hotel

May 10 - Mother's Day Beautification Day

May 11 - Mother's Day Brunch at the Cambridge Hotel

For more information on upcoming events check out the Towns and Villages of the Battenkill Valley website and click on the Calender button.

Have a great week Cambridge!


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Hooray for the Farmers' Market! I've been dying for some fresh tomatoes.

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