Monday, March 02, 2009

Pavement Picasso Pavement Picasso

Believe it or not, all of the following images are drawn flat on the sidewalk!!

Julian Beever is an English artist who's famous for his anamorphic art on the pavements of England , France , Germany , USA , Australia and Belgium. Beever gives an amazing illusion to his drawings, so that the objects appear to be three dimensional rather than flat as they actually are.


The understanding of perspective needed to create illusions like this is reminiscent of Esher.


Hard to believe that the little boy is standing flat on the pavement!
Optical illusion on a whole new level.

Julian admits that some people see his work as graffiti, and don't feel it has a place on public streets.
Happily, he says, he mostly receives a positive reaction and people like and enjoy his art.

Did you spot tiny Julian Beever on the Top of the Bottle?

The 3D aspect to his work came much later while he was working in Brussels , "I decided to get into 3D after seeing the effect of tiles being removed from the street and later trying to recreate the sense of depth in a drawing." People avoid the hole.

Hosing down the street
Everything is fake, even the hose and water!


Watch out!

There is no hole in this pavement.

Politicians get sucked into a pit.

Who will save them?

"Once I realized you could make things go down, I realized you could make them appear to go up and I began experimenting."

You can check out more amazing art by Julian by visiting his website: at


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