Friday, March 24, 2006

Artist Profile- June Mohan Artist Profile- June Mohan

June W. Mohan lives and works out of Eagle Bridge in the Cambridge Valley of New York State. June’s knowledge of the artist and local ledged, "Grandma Moses" (who was also a housewife when she started painting), was her inspiration to pursue a lifelong dream to also become a professional artist. She felt, "if Grandma Moses could begin her career as an artist at the ripe old age of 89, so could I at 49."

Age was not the only obstacle June would overcome. Damaged knees made it difficult for her to walk about making photographs. This physical limitation became an important and interesting element in her work. She does most of her photography from the side of the road, out the window of her car!

This vantage point is fascinating in that it is a view available to all who drive the roads of this beautiful area of New York State. June remarks, "people are often too busy and involved with their lives to appreciate what can be seen before them along the very roads they traverse. It is with these views, these often ‘missed experiences, that I create the basis for my art."

Her art has been exhibited throughout the region including Kevin at Mike’s Place in North Bennington, Vermont. Currently, June’s work can be viewed and purchased in the offices of Village Primary Care on Main Street in Hoosick Falls, NY, as well as The Glens Falls National Bank, and the Cambridge Florist located on Main Street in Cambridge, NY.

June’s strong religious conviction inspires her to donate at least one third of the proceeds from the sales of her artwork to charities working towards the feeding and supplying medical care and clean water to children in need in the United States and around the world.

Contact June at 518-686-0366 or email:

Ghost Tree 2004 by June Mohan
Seeing is very personal. June’s work is an invitation to explore our visual world and see spaces and symbols in new and exciting ways. Her work is at once, spiritual, conceptual, and simply visual. Through the manipulation of everyday objects, landscapes and scenes, June gives our minds-eye license to see past what is ordinary. She challenges us to generate new world-views from familiar old ones, and to simultaneously interact with our inner and outer awareness.


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