Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cambridge, NY Life #3 Cambridge, NY Life #3

Every wonder where folks in a small, rural community go to find out what's happening in town? We all used to go to Bean Heads Coffee House, but now I find out the latest dish at the Town Recycling Center. Every Saturday I load up my Forester and make the trip to the "dump" to deposit the week's recyclables. It's here I run into folks I haven't seen in ages, find out who has come back from their winter retreats, and can score some great "dumpster diving" items. Believe it or not, it's a real gathering place and one that is always a hotbed of activity.

If I don't see someone at the "dump," I invariably run into them at our local food co-op, The Village Co-op. One of the oldest in the area, the Co-op been providing Cambridge, NY with great produce, staples, and other culinary needs for over 25 years. You can place an order for special items or just shop from the well-stocked shelves. You won't find fresher or better spices anywhere. The Co-op has a small paid staff who manage the place, but the bulk of the work is done by community members who volunteer 4 hours a month as sales staff and stock clerks. It's worth joining the Village Co-op for the 10-20% discount., Since Bean Heads is no longer my source for great fresh coffee beans, the Co-op has become the place to replenish my java stock. If you pass through Cambridge, NY on your way to Saratoga Springs or Bennington, VT, stop at the Village Co-op and check out the great cheeses, organic fruits and nuts, and meet some of the interesting characters that make Cambridge, NY such a great place to live.


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