Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cambridge, NY Life: Posting #2 Cambridge, NY Life: Posting #2

We live in a "Right to Farm" County (Washington Co., NY) and are proud of that rural tradition. The other day, my neighbor was walking past my house with two of the biggest oxen I have ever seen. I mean these bovine looked like small elephants with brown and white spots. As a hobby, Dale drives ox carts in local parades and at various events around the area. He's a fixture at the Washington County Fair and was training these two to pull his cart. His family is also the type of neighbor that checks in with me when there is a power outage or heavy snowstorm to see if I need to be plowed out.

Spring is just around the corner and that means all the bulbs planted last fall will begin to splash the town with color. I personally planted over 100 spring bloomers and can't wait to see what will come up. It also means that the garden tour and plant sale can't be far off. All around town you see people starting to prepare for the warmer weather. I love talking a walk and greeting neighbors as they work outside in their yards. I've learned so much about gardening and landscaping just by looking at the local gardens. Soon I'll see landscape painters on the side of the road and kids on horses riding past my house as they head into Mt. Tom State Park. Spring also means the Cambridge, NY Balloon Festival can't be far off.


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