Friday, March 24, 2006

Artist Profile Artist Profile

The Cambridge NY area is a haven for artists and artisans: Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, Printmakers, Musicians, Writers, Poets, Filmmakers, Actors, Singers, Dancers, you name the artform, we have it here!

For the over 20 years I have called the area my home, I am continuously amazed by the amount and caliber of artistic talent that lives in these hills. Each year I am introduced to yet another person who is pursuing the artistic life and has chosen to do it here, even though they may exhibit their work across the nation, and in some cases, the world.

Cambridge Buzz wants to introduce these creative souls to the community, by posting "Artist Profile" as a new thread on the Blog. Enjoy! The Arts, are one more way Cambridge, NY is an exciting tourism destination inspiring economic development for the entire area.


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