Thursday, May 25, 2006

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My daughter, Karibeth, called me from where she was working at Benson’s Dairy Bar on Route 67 in Eagle Bridge, NY and said I must come over right away and bring my camera to see an awesome rainbow right over the Dairy Bar! She knew how I loved rainbows and was always scouting for them. I was with my photography mentor, John Carlson, at the time, so we both went scooting over to my daughter to see the rainbow. At that moment it was running right down Route 67 towards North Hoosick and was the most densely colored rainbow I’d ever seen.

I spent a few minutes phtographing it and then John and I split up to go in different directions to catch the rainbow. He went up Route 67 towards Cambridge and I chose to go left up White Creek Road. I will be forever glad I did so because I was able to follow it to its completion for the next fifteen minutes. Some of my favorite shots were obtained over this cornfield on White Creek Road. It eerily resembles the fiery trail of a landing comet or rocket ship. The sky was filled with these low hanging clouds, which were reflecting the light perfectly, and bringing out all the richness of the surrounding colors. What a lovely experience this was for me. -June Mohan (Photo: Copyright Mohan 2005) If you would like to contact the artist and purchase one of her works, send an email to:


Blogger Hilary McLellan said...

What an amazing rainbow! I am reminded of something Maya Angelou once said:
God put the rainbow in the clouds, not just in the sky... It is wise to realize we already have rainbows in our clouds, or we wouldn't be here. If the rainbow is in the clouds, then in the worst of time, there is the possibility of seeing hope... We can say "I can be a rainbow in the cloud for someone yet to be." That may be our calling.

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