Friday, June 23, 2006

Cambridge, NY Happenings Cambridge, NY Happenings

The Battenkill River

My apologies for the lack of information from me to you about the happenings of Cambridge as of late. My excuses are good though and ones that you can all relate to - LIFE. Husband Geoff just finished his Lacrosse coaching season of 5-8th graders, the boys school activities and we've been pretty busy here at the Rice Mansion Inn. Every Sunday from 10-2 is the Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market. I made an amazing Fathers day dinner with Rib Eye Steaks from Reggies Veggies - he has beef too-, Mesclun salad from Happenchance, grilled Spring Onions from Free Bird Farm, and soft sweet bread from West Village Market. For dessert I stopped at Hand Melon and picked up fresh picked strawberries...oh the heaven of food!! We sat on the front porch of the Mansion and enjoyed a warm evening of food and family conversation. Prior to our yummy dinner we canoed down the Battenkill with a rental from Battenkill Valley Outdoors. Don and Lisa dropped us just over the Vermont border and we floated down the river for about three hours - absolutely lovely and much needed relaxation. Consider it for you and yours.

June 23-25, is graduation in all of the Battenkill Valley Villages. It is also time for the Cambridge Volunteer Fire Department Carnival - Friday & Saturday, June 24 & 25. Saturday evening there will be a rather impressive fireworks display.

The Cambridge area is pretty lively around the 4th of July.

Saturday, July 1 - Salem Art Works, SAW, is hosting a summer social at 5pm. It is a mixer of sorts for the local Chambers and will include a DJ at 9p. It is a community potluck and BYOB.

Tuesday, July 4 - SAW hosts the Salem Volunteer Fire Departments Fireworks display. Ride to the top of their hill in a hay wagon at 9 pm to watch the display again another impressive exhibition and all for a very worthy, appreciated and needed group of volunteers.

I promise to write about the July happenings before September. There is much going on and I'll be sure you know about it.

Be well and be happy that's what life is about.



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