Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jack's Outback Rendezvous #27 Jack's Outback Rendezvous #27

Seed Sower’s Pouch
Here is a wonderful example of a homemade seed sower’s pouch of leather with a hand-sawn wooden bottom, circa 1890. Jack loves to see the hand stitches, the brass nails and the human touch that went into these tools made by area farmers.

Jack tells me that in England at that time, the gentleman farmers who broadcast seeds, would wear silk coats and ties. "Walking, they would have to be in the flow, the right dispersing program, or there would be either bear spots or crowded plants. Sowing seed was elevated to a fine art."

Cambridge NY was built by the seed industry. Local designer, Sara Kelly, of Over the Moon Graphics, designed the seed packet pictured above to commemorate yesterday’s groundbreaking of the Cambridge Freight Yard Revitalization Project.

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