Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

LUCENT SOLITARY SUNSET-For the two years or so before my brother's death from Alzheimer’s, Frank, would occasionally accompany me on my photo treks. We laughed, prayed and meditated our way all around the Cambridge Valley environs. These were some of the best times of my life, times of love.
One late summer evening we were coming home via Route 74 from Schaghticoke to South Cambridge during an awesome sunset. We passed this greenhouse on the highway. Looking over our shoulders we were awed to see this building absolutely glowing in pinks, oranges, yellows, lavenders, all the colors of that sunset, while the “bones” of it’s frame stood starkly in silhouette beneath the taut plastic sheeting walls! It was peaceful and exciting at the same time. I tried to pull over to go take the shot but was dismayed to see a line of cars behind me preventing my stopping. So I threw a few ineffectual shots over my shoulder and drove on. Frank and I mourned the lost photographs all the way home and I’ve never forgotten "the one that got away".

Since Frank’s death I’ve driven past this greenhouse often but invariably at the wrong time of day. I have always thought my "magic shot" was behind me forever, but last week, near sunset, I happened to glance over my shoulder as I passed by the greenhouse (as is my habit at that location now) and I saw this glowing visage in the cloudy sunset. This time there were no cars on my bumper and I paused to compose my shot, thinking of how much Frank would have appreciated this new sunset at the greenhouse. It was different from the one we shared that evening, but beautiful in it’s own right. As I snapped three shots off I keenly felt his absence in the car, in my life. They were such good times discovering an older brother I had barely known all my life.
-June Mohan
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