Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Driving near sunset along White Creek Road (in the Town of White Creek) is always a delicious treat. This photograph is of the beautiful larches growing on the hill near the "T" crossing on White Creek Road. Every year these larches adorn that hillside wearing all shades of tan, yellow or gold (depending upon the light). But, then, once in a while the sunset goes golden and the larches come into their own, blazing upon that hill like awesome autumn torches lighted for all to see for miles around. Oh, what a delight to see them from afar and watch them become more and more alive with a nearly unearthly firelight as you draw closer and closer, just before that warmly caressing sun sets behind the mountains of Eagle Bridge. -June Mohan
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Blogger sconzonetwalker said...

Just a moment to say how much I enjoy this
Cambridge site.

9:43 PM  
Blogger June W. Mohan said...

Dear Sconzonetwalker,

Thank you for your kind remark. It always encourages me to hear that someone has enjoyed my offerings.

God bless you.

June Mohan

8:20 PM  

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