Monday, July 31, 2006

Cambridge Farmers' Market for 7-30-06 Cambridge Farmers' Market for 7-30-06

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The Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market is in full swing. You won't find fresher produce anywhere. Every Sunday, 10 am - 2 pm, Railroad Park is bustling with activity as vendors arrange their tents and customers arrive.

I plan Sunday dinner based on what is fresh and available at the Farmers' Market. But the market is not just a place to go for good food. This Farmers' Market has an equal mix of farm-based vendors selling everything from Alpaca wool to handcrafted pots for your plants.

All Photos: John Carlson; Debra Pearlman copyright 2006

Haven Hill Farm is just such a vendor. They specialize in alpaca yarn, but also sell fresh cut flowers, unusual vegetables, and perennial plants.

Photo: John Carlson copyright 2006

Owner Judy Leon is eager to talk about her herd. If you ask, I'll bet you can even go out to the Farm and see the alpacas, up close and personal. If you've never seen an alpaca, you'll fall for their big beautiful eyes and cute little faces.

Sunday's in Cambridge, NY are made even better with a visit to the Cambridge Farmers' Market. See you on Sunday...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cambridge Life 7-26-06 Cambridge Life 7-26-06

(Photo: Debra Pearlman)

July is the time the wild blueberries are ready for picking. I can go down the block to John's house and pick the best high bush blueberries by the quart, but I decided to go up to the Adirondacks and check out Anne's secret picking spot. WOW! We spent a few hours hiking up the mountain and picking as we walked, talked, and swatted the flies.

(Photos: Debra Pearlman)

Brio led the way and discovered all sorts of great spots. He ate his fair share of berries too. The Adirondacks are a little over an hour north of Cambridge, NY and make a great day trip. I'm a hiker/kayaker and I try to go to the "DAK's" as often as I can. Anne lives right on the Hudson so after our berry picking we went in for a swim to cool off and let the waters work their magic on these old bones. It was a great day!

Being close to the Adirondack Mountains is just one more thing I love about living in Cambridge, NY.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market 7-23-06 Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market 7-23-06

Valerie Perez will be at The Cambridge Farmers' Market in Cambridge, NY this Sunday July 23, from 10 am until 2 pm. to sign copies of her book, "The Last Voyage of the Cosmic Muffin."

It cannot be said that moss grows under author Valerie Perez’s feet. Last year she sailed across the Pacific Ocean in a forty foot sailboat. This year, she traded the Pacific blue waters for Eastern Shores of US as she markets the charming and wickedly funny "The Last Voyage of the Cosmic Muffin," a book she wrote about her sailing experience.

Now she has launched a three month road trip with her two cats, Phoenix and Diablo, traveling solo down the east coast in a motor home, a twenty-year old cruiser borrowed from her parents. She is blogging her adventures and plans to write a book about her RV experience while charting the unknown waters of book promotion.

This Sunday's music tent features Garry Moon. Gary is well known around the Saratoga-Capital Region coffeehouse circuit. He has been in the studio working on his new CD. Maybe we'll get a chance to be the first to hear some of the new tunes. To learn more about Gary, visit his web site at

Our "Vendor of the Week" is Colebrook Country Wines. Every Sunday, you can sample the libations created by this local vintner. Wine tasting begins after 12 Noon (can't escape those old Blue Laws).

If you want to visit the winery, they are located on Colebrook Road, just a half mile from Rte. 50 in Gansevoort. Hours are Fridays 8:00 am till 9:00 pm.,Sat. 3:30 till 9:00 pm, and they can be reached at 518/798-3646 or 339-3032.

The following wines in stock: Elderberry, Strawberry/Rhubarb, Cherry, Peach,Apple, Red Currant, and Green Apple/Reisling. Free tastings of course! They also customize gift baskets for any occasions, using their gourmet wine sauces, syrups, jellies and biscuits.

For a different weekend get-away, visit Colebrook Country Wines.

Cambridge, NY Life for 7-21-06 Cambridge, NY Life for 7-21-06

I'm late this week on letting you in on Life in Cambridge, NY. I apologize for the tardiness, but in my defense, it's the heat. About the only cool spot is on the Battenkill River, and these folks sure are taking advantage of that. You too can go tubing on the Battenkill River. Battenkill Riversports has tubes you can rent and campgrounds you can enjoy.

(Photo courtesy of Battenkill Riversport).

One thing I have learned about life here in Cambridge, NY is that people with pools are very generous about sharing. I've got neighbors on both sides of me who have made a point to say, come on over and take a dip...anytime you want to. It's comforting to know that I can cool off, even at 10 PM. Whether you like to swim in a pool, a lake, or a river, Cambridge, NY has all the ways to keep cool in the summer heat.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

Red Tail Hawk Hovering - While shooting some scenery of the Valley on a gently windy day this red tailed hawk came into my view finder. He flapped a few times, finding where he wanted to be and then just stretched out his wings and hovered like a tethered kite! I’d never seen the like before and was fascinated. What you see in this photo is not a moving hawk, but a still hawk, floating on the wind currents and basically motionless in mid-air. I gave up and moved on after watching him cover a large section of the area in this manner for about ten minutes. I like to think it had nothing to do with hunting for him but it was all about joy in the moment; joy just executing such a wonderful feat with the winds.-June Mohan
Photo: (Copyright Mohan 2005) To contact the artist, please send email to:

Jack's Outback Rendezvous #19 Jack's Outback Rendezvous #19

The Perfect Clothes Washer Patented October 13, 1885, an extraordinary example of hand made, master tin craftsmanship, in perfect condition. This was one of the first attempts at creating a washing machine. This heavy duty two handed plunger style washing tool has a hooded hole at the top so the water doesn’t squirt you in the face when you plunged down into the wash water!

See this and other extraordinary pieces at: Jack’s Outback, 30 West Main Street, Cambridge, NY 518-677-2929.

Treasures of Cambridge #19 Treasures of Cambridge #19

Janet McGhee pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House has lived in the Cambridge area for 15 years.

Janet grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and came here after living in the Boston area where she met the man she married who was from Cambridge, NY. Janet was pleasantly surprised, after living in a big city like Boston, that she could come to a small rural town and meet and befriend people that were "rich and full" of spirit. She found in Cambridge an incredible wealth of talent and intellectual energy that has helped to feed and enrich living a rewarding and creative life.

She wasted little time becoming a vital part of the community, founding and directing the Battenkill Chorale. This mixed adult chorus of 100 dedicated and spirited voices, comes together under Janet’s tutelage to perform deeply special and inspiring music from Classical Secular, Liturgical, Masses & Oratorios; Classical Madrigals to opera, Monteverdi to Pinkham. This group in yet another gem found here in the Battenkill Valley.

Along with the Battenkill Chorale, which has been in existence for 11 years, she directs the chorale program at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs. Janet’s prop is her baton that she uses at her concerts when she is conducting with an orchestra. "My favorite thing to do is to make music, to be in rehearsal, that is what I love the most."

In addition to creating musical experiences, Janet loved to find that in our small town there was a place like Hubbard Hall where she could hear chamber music performed by world-class musicians, "it totally blew my mind," she exclaims.

Janet would like to be remembered as, "somebody who made a difference, someone who opened doors for other people, made possibilities of things people thought were impossible, helped people realize dreams they had, and do things they didn’t think they could do."

To experience a performance of the Battenkill Chorale and to observe the interplay Janet has with it’s members and the music, is to bear witness to the fact that this highly gifted and generous woman is already known for how she most wants to be remembered.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

Stevensen Road Pastures & Hills in Spring’s Rain
The plush, greens of our Valley are so lavish, so plentiful in Spring. These pastures on Stevensen Road were delightful in last Spring’s gentle rains. I spent the day driving about the Valley photographing everything in the rain and mists, enjoying the quiet and solitude. Not many people seem to choose a rainy day to leisurely travel the byways in our area just to enjoy nature. Such a shame. There’s so much to see - and photograph. -June Mohan
Photo: Copyright Mohan 2005) To contact the artist please send email to:

Cambridge Farmer's Market Cambridge Farmer's Market

Fast Forward at the Cambridge Farmers' Market (Photo: Debra Pearlman)

The Cambridge Farmers’ Market, Sundays 10:00 AM-2:00 PM, is not just a place to buy fresh veggies and tasty treats. One of the wonderful features of this vendor -operated market is the weekly musical talent that is showcased under the music tent. Market Assistant Manager, Carole Liggett, has put together an impressive array of local musical talent for the month of July. Here's the July line-up.

July 16th – Scott Corrino: Scott is one of the founding members of the Pompanuck Farm Institute ( Scott is a prolific songwriter and popular with many local musicians. You never know who will turn-up to jam with Scott.

July 23rd – Gary Moon: Gary is well known around the Saratoga-Capital Region coffeehouse circuit. He’s been in the studio working on his new CD. Maybe we’ll get a chance to be the first to hear some of the new tunes. To learn more about Gary, visit his web site at

July 30th – Kate Blain: Known on the coffee house scene Kate is described as "mellow, acoustic folk in a lyrical voice"
- Sarah Craig, Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY (

It’s really going to rock on Sunday’s at the Cambridge Farmers’ Market. We encourage dancing, jamming, and laughter. Bring the kids, the dogs, and even the grandparents out for a lovely day.


You can't miss the Happenchance Farm booth. It's were you'll find a large crowd of folks admiring the locally grown produce and petting the calmest Border Collie you'll ever meet.

(Photo: Debra Pearlman)

Jamie Snyder is proud of the produce he grows. Famouse for their mesclun mix, Happenchance Farm grows a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and melons for our dining pleasere.

(Photos: Debra Pearlman)

If you miss Jamie at the market, you can always find what you need at the farm stand located at 396 County Route 68, Eagle Bridge, NY.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cambridge, NY Life for 7-12-06 Cambridge, NY Life for 7-12-06

(Photos: Debra Pearlman)

Folks in Cambridge, NY look forward to summer for many reasons and one local summer tradition is weekend treats from the King family's donut cart. The Kings used to operate a bakery here in the Village and though that shop is no longer around, Skip King and his family still sell fresh, homemade donuts on weekends during the summer months. Since Bean Heads closed, a visit to King's donuts is a chance to run into neighbors and summer residents.

(Photos: Debra Pearlman)

You want to get there early to avoid missing out on one of your favorite treats. Personally, I enjoy seeing the fashions that Robin King puts together. Robin has turned her love of fashion into a career choice by studying costume design in college. You never know what sort of combinations she'll be wearing, but no matter...she serves-up the donuts with flair.

Whether you want the traditional glazed donut, a cheese danish or a something with honey and nuts, you can be sure your Sunday brunch will be made extra special by adding one of the tasty confections from the King's Donut Cart. It's just one of the many traditions of summer here in Cambridge, NY.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jack's Outback Rendezvous #18 Jack's Outback Rendezvous #18

Tailor’s Edger Turn of the century, beautifully geared hand tool made by the Defiance Company and used for cutting cloth to help prevent the edges from fraying. Jack says, “This is a beautiful example of mechanical art.”

Visit Jack’s Outback, 30 West Main Street, Cambridge, NY 518-677-2929.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #18 Treasures of Cambridge #18

John Oakley pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House lives in Cambridge, NY for just over a year now, but has a many decade relationship with the area.

John says, "People," and his family are his connections to the area. Currently, he lives in the house owned by family members and he feels it helps makes living here, "a magical place." John, a recently retired architect, says he is, "just embarking on one of the most wondrous, wonderful periods of my life. I am a visual guy, in love with many parts of this place, including it's music, and with my neighbor who helps make some of that music!"

John’s introduction to Cambridge came when he first lived here some thirty-five years ago, and he has been coming back to this area ever since. This special place has been the source of a host of important friendships he has maintained all his life.

John’s prop is his bicycle, which is his way of interacting with the town. "In very private moments, I am able to experience the innermost and outer most parts of the town simply by turning the wheel and going, taking my camera and focusing on, and looking at being involved with the people and places that just appear." "My bike is a great vehicle, it goes all the way back to my childhood, when the bike was the way to get out of our home for the first time, it is a great machine."

John is also a emerging documentary filmmaker. Amongst other projects, he is currently working on a deeply personal and heartfelt piece about the Battenkill Chorale.

John wants to be remembered as, "someone who is open… to the moment," and it doesn’t get much better than that!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Cambridge, NY Life: 7-7-06 Cambridge, NY Life: 7-7-06

Photos:Debra Pearlman

I always wanted a room with a view. Having completed a major renovation on my house, I now share part of my beautiful view with you all. This is not atypical of what many Cambridge, NY residents see out their windows. With all the rain, we have become lush and green. A day like today, with little humidity and a cooling breeze makes living here joyous.

My room has 3 large picture windows and is surrounded by trees. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I'm in a wonderful treehouse. My cats love to watch the birds with me in the morning, and they have been known to jump up on the window ledge to get a better look.

Photos:Debra Pearlman
As you can see, they really know how to relax and enjoy my room too.

Lawn mowing, edge trimming, working on the garden are all activities we here in Cambridge, NY enjoy. There is satisfaction in working with the soil. You should visit some of the lovely gardens in and around the Village. Just take a walk around'll be amazed by the variety and beauty of peoples gardens.

Working on my own yard, hard as it may be, is one more thing I love about life in Cambridge, NY. Share your thoughts on Cambridge, NY by emailing me at I'll post your thoughts to this community blog.

Penope Farm: Agricultural Heritage Preserved Penope Farm: Agricultural Heritage Preserved

Agriculture is such an important part of the region around Cambridge, as demonstrated by the fact that Rice Seed Company packaged seeds that shipped all across the country, and America's first steel plows were designed and manufactured in Cambridge, NY. Dick and Polly McGuire, third generation farmers at Penope Farm, are making a wonderful effort to keep an historic record of the agricultural history of the region with a collection of agricultural equipment displayed in the farm’s original barn. Penope Farm is located north of Cambridge. For more information or to schedule a visit to the museums at Penope Farm, contact Dick at (518) 854-3143.

The August 2006 issue of "Farm Collector" magazine has a wonderful article about the McGuires and Penope Farm (by Oscar H. Will III) that is available online at:

Preserving the Past at Penope Farm

What a wonderful treasure in our own backyard! Here's an illustration from the article, part of a fascinating gallery illustrating some of the great archive at Penope Farm:

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Summer is the time Summer is the time

Summer is the time for swimming, as my dog Merlin loves to demonstrate!

Summer is the time for many things, including the Cambridge Farmer's Market on Sundays, and coming soon, Saratoga Shakespeare in Congress Park in Saratoga Springs, on July 18-22 and 25-29
At 6:00 P.M., and July 23 and 30 At 2:00 P.M. This year "The Tempest" will be performed. This is free and great fun. Let's hope for sunshine!

And the Center for Folklife at Crandall Library in Glens Falls is hosting several free concerts this summer.