Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cambridge Life 7/25/07 Cambridge Life 7/25/07

Summer is half over and I've still so much I want to do. My summer has been zipping by. I've had weddings to attend, trees to plant, tomato plants to tend, and weekend get aways. One weekend to remember started with a trip down to Baltimore to visit my sister.

My sister Robin is an amazing person, but when she calls and says that she needs to do some serious chilling out, and if I visit she'll treat me to a day at the spa...I hear spa and you don't have to ask me twice, I'm there!

So have you ever heard of a Vichy Shower? I hadn't either, but being it's a spa treatment, I figured it had something to do with fancy water from France. Well, water yes, from France I don't know. What I do know is this....I now know what it feels like to be detailed (you know, like a car!).

First you go into this lovely room with soft music, candles and wonderfully relaxing smells. I believe lavender and green mint was used. You're totally undressed and wrapped in a luxurious terry towel. You hop onto a soft table, laying down on your back. The "treatment specialist" comes into the room, wraps your hair in another towel and places a warm compress over your eyes. As you lay in the candlelit room, she begins to anoint you with warm scented oil. Then they take these sea salts (which felt like huge crystals of salt) and scrub your arms, legs, and torso. You turn over and they do the same to your back. Just when you think you can't get any cleaner, you begin to hear the sound of a powerful shower. The room begins to fill with steam, warm water drops down from the ceiling giving you a spinal massage. You begin to breath-in the essence of lavender and eucalyptus and then...they turn the power washer around and spend a half hour washing you off. It was the best shower massage you can imagine. I was finished off with a warm wax (sort of like simonize for humans). It took one hour and I could hardly walk afterward I was so relaxed.

Vichy Shower led to "ladies lunch" at the spa complete with cucumber water. Lunch was followed by a one hour relaxation massage.

That was one fantastic treat! I'm going back down to my sister's this weekend. We'll hang-out at her pool, probably see a good movie, but if I can talk her into another trip to the spa....

How will you enjoy your summer in Cambridge, NY. To contribute to the CAMBRIDGEBUZZ, send an email to Debra Pearlman Tell me what your summer is like, send photos of what you're doing, and see it posted to the Cambridgebuzz.

Have a great time this summer!


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