Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jack's Outback Rendezvous # 38 Jack's Outback Rendezvous # 38

Old Sign
Jack loves the old signs (this one he dates circa 1925) that he finds here and there as he spends his day looking out for “the most interesting thing he has ever seen in his life.” This particular sign might not be THAT thing, but it does open one up to a whole lot of speculation! Why the dawdling rotation? What are lane laws anyway? What’s with the sexy red and yellow racing stripe if you need me to restrain my speed?

Jack mostly admires the details such as the type of wood and paint job, and the fact that it has black letters on a white field, adding greatly to its simple charm. Keep Jack’s Outback in mind to visit when you make that slow roll through town this weekend to enjoy the Cambridge Valley Balloon Festival.

Jack’s the place to find the signs you were looking for!
Go there! Visit Jack’s Outback, 30 West Main Street, Cambridge, NY 518-677-2929.


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