Friday, June 01, 2007

Local Photo Show Local Photo Show

There is a show of my photographic work at Kevin at Mikes Place III restaurant, 27 Main St, North Bennington, VT Tel: (802) 442-0122. The work goes up starting today, June 1st 2007, and will be on display for the entire month.

Treat yourself to some good honest food, at reasonable prices, and check out my new series of photographs called, "emergence: crossing over."

I made these photographs while working on a film for performance artist, Katy Schonbeck, about chaos theory and how it relates to love and loss. The cinematic nature of these individual still photographs inspired the idea to mount them in context to one another, making the structure of the wall become a giant “filmstrip.”

If you make it to Kevin at Mike’s sometime in June and get to see the work, I would be interested in hearing thoughts about your experience of the work. Thanks.


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