Friday, July 06, 2007

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log


July 2007 - Whenever I visit any of the many wetlands in our Cambridge Valley area I always leave with a sense of peace. That is what this photo represents. Long shadows of evening were everywhere on the land. In the water the setting sun created flawless reflections. As I absorbed the beauty and peace of this place I noticed this little water plant standing allalone in a large expanse of water. As the minutes passed I began to see the last rays of the sun suddenly lighting upon its tip then flowing down it’s stem. The image was very profound in its Asian-like simplicity. It was going to become a pure moment to be captured in a photo. As I focused on the little plant God decided to add one last impeccable embellishment. A little fish touched the water’s surface at the plant’s stem, creating a perfect ripple. “Click”. A picture of God’s peace to end my day’s work.
-June Mohan

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