Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Garlic Harvest Garlic Harvest

We harvested our garlic yesterday. I love garlic. Everything about it; the process of planting it in the fall, anticipating it's lush green shoots in the early spring, watching it grow, enjoying the mild garlic taste of the scapes in late spring, and (usually) harvesting it early in July. Of course, no story about garlic would be complete without mentioning months of culinary enjoyment flavored by it's distinct, aromatic bite!

Got news that made me sad yesterday. Hilary and Roger (both contributors to CambridgeBuzz) had to put their dog Merlin to sleep after weeks of seizures, and another good friend, lost her Mom quite unexpectedly over the weekend.

Thank goodness for garlic, and the harvest. Reminded me as I empathized with the grief of my friends losses, that the cycle of life brings us many pains and joys, and the simple acts like touching the earth yesterday, and extracting it's flavor and food, are what for me makes being alive valuable.

I hope today, I can remember to smell the flowers.


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