Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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"A Winter Memory"
Oh, these hot, humid days of Summer! Mmmm, we can complain, can’t we? I thought I’d remind us all of what we left behind us only a few months ago. But I’ve not chosen a photo showing the freezing furies of Winter. Instead I have chosen one reminding us of the gentle beauties of our Valley in Winter.

This shot was taken at the corner of Oak Hill and Stage Roads when I was wandering about after our last snow storm. How beautiful the skies were. How serene and bright were the buildings and land with their thick dusting of pure white snow .

I remember being so happy with the soft skies and the delicate sunlight day, yet anticipating that soon the land would be a carpet of green grasses and wild and cultivated flowers, the fields thick and lush with growing crops of wheat, corn, strawberries, tomatoes, soy beans, timothy. Oh, I was longing for the penetrating warmth and brightness of the sunshine to come. At that time (oh how frail our human memories) I did not remember the sweltering heat which also accompanies the Summer months.

So, today I went in search of memories of Winter and found this painting-like photograph in my archives. It refreshes me...and reminds me all the seasons have their beauties and hardships. I pray you and yours are keeping cool and well on these hottest days.
Until next week....

-June Mohan

Photos: (Copyright Mohan 2007) To contact the artist, please send email to: junemohan@hotmail.com


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