Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cambridge Life 11/6/07 Cambridge Life 11/6/07

Photos: John Carlson; Debra Pearlman

I found myself needing to go the Crossgates Mall in Albany last Saturday. My take on malls is go with a plan, go early, and get out fast. I just don't like all the noise and hustle that goes on in them. But sometimes they are a necessary evil so I went to check out iMac's at the Apple Store.

I was in such a hurry I skipped breakfast and morning coffee, but by the time I reached Schaghticoke, my stomach was talking louder than the radio was playing. Luckily, one of my favorite places for breakfast, the Shag-a-Val Diner was right before my eyes.

Located on NY Rts. 67 & 40, the Shag-a-Val, which gets it's name from the combination of Schaghticoke and Valley Falls, has great breakfasts and the friendliest waitresses. I discovered the place when I needed to find a halfway point between Troy and Cambridge, NY for a breakfast meeting. I enjoy their bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich because the bacon is nice and crispy and the egg is cooked just right. Saturday, I tried a sausage and cheese omelet. Trust me when I say that 2 could share this omelet and still not finish it. The home fries were great too.

Well, I got to the mall, saw what I needed to see, and went home. If you find yourself out running errands or just want to go out to breakfast someplace new, I recommend the Shag-a-Val. Breakfast and Lunch is served M-F, Sat & Sun. is breakfast only, and Friday night they serve dinner.


Anonymous Jeff S said...

Schaghticoke represent!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Debra Pearlman said...

We hope to cover all of the Battenkill Valley - sort of a digital town crier - spread the word

11:27 AM  

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