Monday, November 05, 2007

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CambridgeBuzz welcomes June Mohan back to Photographer's Log after a short time away. It is good to see you are on your feet again, making images and sharing your experiences with us. -JC


This big boy needs a shave, hmmm? Meetinghouse Road, near sunset. October 29, 2007.

I have photographed this farm’s outbuildings many times. They are such bright and welcoming units to suddenly come across, sitting on their little hill, surrounded by trees, grass and sky. I find them irresistible, especially the primary silo. “Old Hairy” defines the property; I might even say our Valley’s farm life, to me. This year he was exceptionally arrayed with old vines and which truly amused me as I drove by.

In my judgment this particular silo is the whole character stamp of the graphic. Everything on this property is so pristine; and then you have this remarkable silo standing proudly next to it’s little brothers. It is nature’s law that nothing can exist in perfection except God, Himself. This silo says: Don’t be taken in by the painting-perfect looks of this farm. Work has gone on here for decades-- long, hard work, long, hard days.

It says the owners are artists at heart, creating an Eden-like, living painting, throwing in one huge, strikingly beautiful detail to lock the eye in truth. Beautiful things, worthwhile things, take work to be created, to thrive, and to survive. I’m so happy the owners of this silo and the rest of their beautiful piece-of-art-on-the-hill allow us all to enjoy their creation. Every time I pass by I feel such a sense of peace and brightness in my soul.

It is good to be creating again. I look forward to contributing once again next week. Until then, enjoy The Cambridge Valley. What an awesome home we have here! -June Mohan
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Blogger John Carlson said...

Dear June,
Good to have you back on board and good to have you feeling better. Thank you for acknowledging me and my photographs for holding your space here at Photographers Log during your recovery. I totally appreciate your sentiments and left them out of your text because this post is about you, and I chose to keep it so.
Many Warm Regards, and welcome back!


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