Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cambridge Cooks: Marilyn's Gin Fizzes Cambridge Cooks: Marilyn's Gin Fizzes

Photos: Debra Pearlman

Yes, it's getting to be cocktail time so here's one to whet your whistle with.


12 oz. gin
6 oz. lemon juice (bottled or fresh - but fresh is amazing)
6 oz. half and half
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
1-1/2 oz. soda water
crushed ice


Mix sugar and lemon juice.
Add half & half, gin and eggs.
Mix well in blender. Add a handful or two of ice and blend.
Add a splash of soda and then serve (you do not want to blend the soda).

This is really refreshing after a day of yard work or gardening.

The recipe comes to me by way of my niece-in-law. She says it originated with a family friend who would make it for the Big Game (Cal v. Stanford in football). She also warns that it will get you drunk more quickly than you expect....so go easy or make the non-alcoholic version - without the gin of course!


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