Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Regional Treasures: Lesley Nase Regional Treasures: Lesley Nase

Many fascinating and creative people live in Cambridge --- and in the surrounding area. One such person is Lesley Nase, animal communicator and healer, and also a storyteller. Lesley has remarkable intuitive abilities that help her “see” what animals are feeling and what they may have to communicate with their human companions.

Photo Credit: Andy Holzman

I first became aware of Lesley Nase’s work through John Katz’s book “A Good Dog,” where he consults with her to help him come to terms with the passing away of a dog that he deeply loved. One of Lesley’s clients has said, “She's helped with a variety of pet-related issues - from learning more about animals we were considering for adoption to trying to determine the cause of our dog's severe seizures, or to simply help us in dealing with our beloved pets, passing. Her incredible ability to communicate with our animals, and then to share that information with us in a way that allows us to understand and absorb it, has been invaluable to us for many years. She's shared our joys and sorrows, helping to confirm our decisions and to understand the purpose of our beloved pets in our lives, and so much more.”

Based nearby in Vermont, Lesley offers consultations and workshops designed to help others learn to communicate more intuitively and effectively with the animals in their lives. For more information, go to Lesley’s website, Moonspinners Tearoom Shamanic Healing. And I highly recommend her blog, where she recounts fascinating stories about the animals in her life.


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