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Cambridge Buzz Relaunches Strand Cambridge Buzz Relaunches Strand

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Family coming from out of town and need to find ways to entertain their children? Want a perfect weekend get-away without going to a galaxy far, far away? Looking for a place to fix your car and still have transportation for the day? Or maybe you just need to find star anise for the recipe you just discovered…

The Towns and Villages of the Battenkill Valley and the Cambridge Buzz are going to try and help you answer theses questions and so much more. We will help guide you to find goods and services that may not be as easy to find-- we’re talking everything from oil changes to massage, gourmet food items to unique gift ideas.

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Spending money shopping has more than an item’s sticker price attached to it. Gas prices are going up daily and our time is becoming scarcer and thus more valuable. When you figure this into the cost of running to the Mall, the savings they offer are not so impressive, if at all. But you can save your valuable time and our natural resource by shopping locally. This supports your friends and neighbors while keeping your tax dollars in Washington County. Maintaining strong and vibrant local economy is essential for the future and, most of all; you will enjoy your shopping experience, especially if you know where to look.

As we move into the holiday season we will create package suggestion for you, making your gift giving fabulous. We will seek out finds under $10, $20, $50 and $100 so that your gift giving is plentiful.

To get the ball rolling, we need to know what you are looking for.

Let’s start with a few simple questions:

1. What have you tried to shop for recently, but could not find locally or did not bother to look for? Be honest we want to help you and the merchants have what you both need a product and a buyer.
2. Is there someone you need to shop for, but don’t know where to begin or what they may like? Send us a query and we will help solve your dilemma.
3. What services have you looked for recently - plumber, electrician, handyman, massage, mailing, etc? Need a recommendation? Ask Where Can I Find That on the Cambridge Buzz Blog (
4. Is there a product or service you wish you could find in the Battenkill Valley? Ask Where Can I Find That ( and we will let local merchants know what consumers are looking for.
Questions can be posted as a comment on the Where Can I Find That? entry on the Cambridge Buzz or send in an email to Keep checking in on the Cambridge Buzz for answers and ideas. We promise to point you in the right direction.

Each week on the Blog we will feature local merchants or services. You will be able to start an interactive dialog with the purveyor or said services by posting questions on the Blog. They will answer your question and help you find what you are looking for.

Our goal is to help you shop locally for the goods, services, and gifts you need. This process may also bring to you the goods, services and gifts that are not here. Who knows, you may discover lost treasures right in your own backyard.


Blogger TVOBV said...

Dear Buzz Bloggers,
Agriculture is the backbone of Washington County. The growers and producers of our region create our landscape with their crops, barns, silos and animals. Without them Washington County would not be described as the Tuscany of New York. Beyond the bounty of our farms you will find specialty machine shops, light manufacturers, printing companies, performing arts, artists and retailers.

The Villages that compliment our bucolic landscape support the growers and producers as well as the residents that work outside the agricultural industry. However, our main streets are suffering. Currently there is approximately 92,000 square feet of commercial real estate available on the Main Streets of the Battenkill Valley. Like our growers and producers, the retailers, restaurants, lodging facilities, recreational outfits and our performing artists all need customers– this means you, as well as your visiting friends and relatives and tourists.

The Main Streets of the Battenkill Valley have great shops with a variety of interesting and unique gift items, household goods, clothing, jewelry, and tasty treats. Many feature locally made goods and gift items. In addition to supporting your locally based businesses you will be keeping your sales tax dollars in Washington County and a portion of them within the Town you made your expenditures within.

Governor Paterson is challenging people to eat within 100 miles, I’m challenging you to spend within 20 miles.

A vibrant economy starts with you.

So please send us your questions and we will do everything we can to help you find it locally.

The Towns and Villages of the Battenkill Valley

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