Friday, July 24, 2009

Cambridge Life: Is it Real or is it Memorex? Cambridge Life: Is it Real or is it Memorex?

Following the antics of my two cats brings me endless amounts of fun. This morning, I could not resist taking some photos of my zucchini plants when McGillacutty stopped by for a visit. Here's my question to you...Is this where I found my cat or is this something else?

Just look at that sweet face, so crunchy and cute....but in my garden?

Give-up? Well, you probably guessed that this is a combination of two images. We used to call it a double exposure, now we call it Photoshop! Many of the wonderful images you see on the Cambridge Buzz are taken by professional photographers that have transitioned into the digital age. They generally start with a quality image and then may or may not manipulate that imges, just as they would in a darkroom, with the use of digital tools.

For the most part, what you see is what is real, but sometimes, when a shot seems too good to be true, you need to ask yourself, "Is it real or is it Memorex? (For those of you too young to remember the commercial for Memorex audio recording tape....well, let's just say they claimed you could not tell the difference).

Onto my shameless self-promotion....

For the past 3 months. I've been working on a series for Animal Planet called Wild Russia. The six part show took three years to shoot and three months to edit. The series premiered last night at 8 pm and will be shown several times throughout the following month. So tune in and enjoy.


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