Saturday, March 25, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #4 Treasures of Cambridge #4

Be a part of "Treasures of Cambridge". If you are a resident of the Cambridge, NY area, please contact me to have your portrait taken. I will be at Bean Heads Coffee House on Thursdays in March and April 6th and 13th. Bring a prop that you identify yourself with. Check out the "About Cambridge Treasures" on this blog for more about the project. Or email me at

William Herbert Creitz from Mineola, NY, in front of the vault at former Bean Heads Coffee House. Bill moved to Cambridge, NY in 1977. As a younger man, was an engineering supervisor at Howard Johnson’s canning plants, making and canning all of their products except for their ice cream! Moved on to become a salesman for canning and food processing machinery and after six years created his own company. Bill says, "I am probably best known for having brought rotary piston fillers for sauerkraut into the US."

In the Army he was trained to run generators for Nike missiles sites but they later made him a cook instead, "typical government efficiency." he quips. Thankfully for us here is town, for that experience lead him here to Cambridge, NY where he owned and opperated Bean Heads Coffee House before retiring to pursue other interests. Bill’s props include his chef’s jacket and a patent he won in 1995 for a seam-inspecting device for cans. Bill, we all miss Bean Heads and your kind heart.


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