Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jack’s Outback Rendezvous # 17 Jack’s Outback Rendezvous # 17

Alphabet Game Board Patented Feb 16, 1886. All wooden alphabet game board. Jack he has one from the 1930's in an all-metal version that he arranged the letters to spell Jack's Outback and he has it hanging up at home. Jack says, "This game board could very well be the precursor to Scrabble."

Visit Jack’s Outback, 30 West Main Street, Cambridge, NY 518-677-2929.


Blogger upssidetown said...

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Anonymous Kym Becraft said...

we recently found one of these board games while renovating our home..it was in the ceiling!!!!! and I said the same thing..that it looked like a old fashioned scrabble game!

10:56 PM  

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