Monday, June 26, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #17 Treasures of Cambridge #17

Treasures of Cambridge is an ongoing essay of photographic portraits of individuals in our community holding a prop of their choosing that they identify themselves with. As long as I have access to Bean Heads (where these photographs are made) I have an active call out to one and all Cambridge, NY area residents to contact me to be a part of this project. Be a part of this exciting community project, contact me at to schedule a time to be a part of Treasures of Cambridge.

Gabi Moore pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House, has lived in Cambridge, NY for nearly five years now.

Formerly from Chester, CT. Gabi loves the peace and quiet of the village of Cambridge and the fact that nature and wonderful people surround her in all directions. Gabi spends her days raising her family, gardening, reading and fine art painting. "My painting takes place in my studio, it is always a part of my life, and now my son, James, helps me. I have been doing a lot of finger painting lately," she laughs.

One of her fondest memories happened in nature; "I was lying down beneath this tree on a breezy day, I closed my eyes, I could hear the leaves rustling in the wind and it seemed like time stopped. It was very satisfying."

Gabi, an active village coop member, thinks that the community has what it takes to maintain its peaceful beauty while still allowing it to grow. She would like to see it as a center for more art, reading and conversation.

Her prop is a book that belonged to her late father, "I grew up surrounded by books, shelves and shelves of new and old books, I love to read." She has inherited all her father's books and they have a spot in her home here in the village.

Gabi would like to be remembered as someone who made people feel good and joyous.


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Anonymous --R said...


Having attended undergraduate school w/Gabi (although, graduated in different years) I can attest to her talent, intelligence and inner and outer beauty. I recall her as being a tremendous person, with a quiet yet inspiring strength, whose presence is always felt when she walks in a room, and whose grace is something for which the ground beneath her feet should eternally be grateful. I last saw Gabi -- quite by circumstance, which was never unusual, since she was always on the move -- earlier this decade, and it's wonderful to know she is doing so well. She'll know me, or rather, recall who I am, by the following: I once composed a poem or two for her, a long, long time ago. Thank you, --R

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