Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cambridge Life 5/30/07 Cambridge Life 5/30/07

A view of the Flathead River valley in northern Montana
(Photos: Ece Soydam „ 2007)

Cambridge life happens all around the world. Last week, while at the International Wildlife Film Festival, I traveled with new friends and fellow filmmakers Ece (Turkey), Eliana (Argentina) and Alicia (Argentina) to the National Bison Refuge just north of Missoula, MT. For six days we sat and watched wildlife films and participated in panel discussions about the business and conservation so when given the opportunity to get outdoors, I seized the chance to show off some of our most spectacular wildlife.

If you’ve never been to Montana, you’re missing a spectacularly beautiful state. The eastern part of the state is high prairie with wide expanses and the western part is Rocky Mountain ranges with names like The Bitterroots and Mission Range.

Killdeer by the roadside
(Photo: Ece Soydam „ 2007)

My traveling companions were truly amazed by how close we could get to the wildlife. Being springtime, the birds were out and on display. Besides the killdeer and red-winged black birds, we saw sparrows, finches, and a kestrel hovering in a vertical dance then swoop and catch a mouse.

Prong horn antelope roam across the fields
(Photo: Debra Pearlman „ 2007)

Prong horn antelope, bison, elk, mule deer, big horn sheep, bald eagles, golden eagles, and numerous other bird species are home on the range in the National Bison Refuge.

After 10 days out in big sky country, beautiful as it my be, I was happy to get back to Cambridge, NY - my home range.


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