Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cambridge Life 8/2/07 Cambridge Life 8/2/07

Well, the dog daze are upon us! As the temperature heats up, I'll be looking for ways to keep cool. Daryl and Mary have given me an open invitation to use their pool, John and KT and I are perfecting our afternoon cocktails (heavy on the frozen), and my AC is working fine.

One way to keep cool is to go to the movies. I went to see "Sunshine,"a new SciFi film, this past weekend. Highly recommend by my SciFi loving nephew, I found this film a bit slow and confusing to watch. This might be one for the guys, as my brother-in-law also loved the film.

Tonight is the annual Lake Lauderdale floating of lights for peace. I participated in a similar ceremony when I was in Thailand. We floated lights down the Mekong River and out into the Gulf of Siam. Having grown-up during the Viet Nam era, that was an extremely significant experience. I haven't been to the Lake Lauderdale ceremony before and I'm really looking forward to it. Come join us there.

It may be hazy, hot, and humid right now, but the good thing about Life in Cambridge, NY is that this sort of weather passes in a day or two, the nights are always cool for sleeping, and if it's too hot to sleep you can go outside and actually see the metor showers.


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