Friday, September 07, 2007

Milestone! Milestone!

Photo: John Carlson 2007

Dear CambridgeBuzz Readers,

Over the course of the evening, CambridgeBuzz passed a milestone with over 20,000 hits! That is pretty impressive for a small town journal like ours!

This has been, mainly, a labor of love, and your logging on to read our posts is the main fuel keeping this journal going!

On behalf of the Buzzwave team: Debra Pearlman, Hilary McLellan, Roger Wyatt and me, along with Bloggers: June Mohan (Photographer's Log), Sean McEntee (Extreme Gardening), Jon Katz (Musings), Don Goddard (ArtNYC), Jack Metzger (Jack's Outback), and Katy Schonbeck (Movement Meditations) we want to thank you for your time and interest reading this blog and exploring what is happening in this wonderful Village of Cambridge, NY and it's surrounding areas.

Looking forward to hearing from you more! Your comments, posted in the comment sections, are always, really appreciated!!!!

We also want to invite anyone with a special interest to consider doing a thread for CambridgeBuzz. Please drop me an email with your ideas. We would love to have you onboard.


Blogger Jenn Varga said...

Hey that is my flower!! It looks so good on here.

5:43 PM  

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