Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cambridge Life on 8/11/07 Cambridge Life on 8/11/07

Every year I make an attempt at a vegetable garden. What usually happens is that I loose most of my plants and vow to never try and do veggies again. Of course, as I get older, I forget things. So in June I found myself at Happenchance Farm buying tomato plants, lettuce and basil. But this year has been different.

Instead of planting in beds, I decided to do all my plants in pots and window boxes. The thinking was they'd be close to to house so I'd remember to water and the rabbits would not want to come so near my cats' domain. Well, let me tell you!

Photos by Debra Pearlman)

Here is my porch and I have a bumper crop of golden cherry tomatoes. In fact, the plants are so large they have overtaken my porch, my back steps, and are encroaching on the door to my barn.

Photos by Debra Pearlman)

Am I complaining, No way! I'm feasting on sweet tomatoes with fresh basil every night and have even passed along some lettuce to friends.

Life in Cambridge, NY is bountiful!


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