Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cambridge Life 1/8/08 Cambridge Life 1/8/08

It's winter and I don't get out that much, but last Friday I saw the inauguration of the Beacon Feed Studio at Hubbard Hall as a performance/presentation space. Local artists John Carlson, Kerri Countryman, Gabi Moore, John Oakley, mother and daughter Gail and Katy Schonbeck and Saratoga Springs resident Roger Wyatt presented their work in two public performances. Both nights had full audiences and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a fabulous break from all the snow shoveling.

After the event, Janet McGhee, conductor of the Battenkill Chorale, hosted an after party. It was great to "get down" with my neighbors.I can't remember the last time I partied 'til dawn (well 2 am anyway). It was just what I needed in the middle of winter.

We in Cambridge, NY never let a good time pass us by and any excuse to dance is welcome. In fact, you can dance the night away this Saturday at Hubbard Hall's Battle of the Bands. Come out and vote for your favorite dancing music.


Anonymous Hendsmaster said...

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How do you do.
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9:43 PM  
Blogger Debra Pearlman said...

Hey Pekanbaru! Where are you located in India and how did you find us?

I'll look for your blog, what's the address?

10:56 AM  
Blogger Debra Pearlman said...

Sorry about the India thing, I meant Indonesia

10:57 AM  

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