Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The FieldWork Group Show- Wyatt, Moore & Carlson The FieldWork Group Show- Wyatt, Moore & Carlson

Beat the winter blues, come to one of the art and performance evenings featuring The Fieldwork Group at the Beacon Feed Studios behind Hubbard Hall on Thursday and Friday at 7:30, January 3rd and 4th 2008!

Here is more information about some of the artists you will meet during the show, and what they have to say about their work.

Roger B. Wyatt- Photography

"He was born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad." It’s the first sentence of Rafael Sabatini's Scaramouche.
It seems to describe Roger Wyatt well.

Roger B. Wyatt is an interdisciplinary border crosser who examines questions regarding relationships between technology and culture, digital cinema, aesthetics, and history. His work often explores these themes, creating images based on them through meditations on the nature of virtual light. His work is influenced by Marshall McLuhan, Brian Eno, Duane Michals, Richard Lester, Ferdnand Braudel, and others.

Roger has an MFA in filmmaking from Columbia University and a doctorate in Information Technology from Teacher's College. He is a filmmaker, media artist, and information scientist.

Wyatt has been involved with filmmaking and digital media for over 20 years and co-authored the book, Photo Provocations. Roger produced the documentation of the restoration of the Statue of Liberty and has written extensively for Videomaker, Smart TV, and other publications. He produces streaming media, develops and implements virtual events, classes and workshops online for international audiences.

His degrees, B.A., M.F.A., and Ed.D, were earned at Columbia University.

Currently a partner in McLellan Wyatt Digital, a new media consulting firm, digital artist Roger Wyatt served for many years as Associate Professor in the School of Library and Information Management of Emporia State University, Emporia, KS..

(From photo montage by: Roger Wyatt 2007)

“Existence is simultaneous. Linearity an illusion. Life engages on many levels all at once. Each image a glance - shards of a world in motion. There is no turn-taking. The images present themselves with an all at oneness. They are a field of meaning, not chapters in a narrative. Meaning lies in a resonating interval within the interaction between image and image and the viewer's gaze. Structure emerges out of self-organization, not by command. Chess mirrors a world of illusion. There is no board, all pieces are in motion at once. It has been said that beauty is a response to complexity. Good then that its found in the eye of the beholder. Look out and seek it where you can. Respond to complexity with your own beauty.” Roger Wyatt, 2008.

Roger can be reached at (518) 584-8907 or at rbwyatt39@yahoo.com.

Gabi Moore- Drawings and Watercolors

Gabi Moore lives with her family in Cambridge. Besides working in her studio, she has taught at Fordham University and students at several other venues including Hubbard Hall's Beacon Feed Studio. She also coaches a painter with Down's Syndrome who is currently preparing for his second show in Mount Kisco, New York.

Drawing by Gabi Moore

"I watch people. I remember the small gestures-the unconscious ones people make as they move from thought to action. I observe the expressiveness of the positions people take in relation to each other and to the space around them. I make images, which explore the inner lives of people made evident through body language, movements, and location in the scene."

"I work in traditional media. I often choose smaller formats in order to maintain a distance between the viewer and the scenes within the frame. When I work in large formats, the view of the figures is often cropped, so that the complete figure is not only unseen, but also only partly understood. My paintings convey the familiarity people have with other people while being simultaneously strangers."

Drawing by Gabi Moore

John Carlson- Photography and Film

John studied photography and film at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has been a photographer, independent producer, director, cameraman, and editor, working on educational and promotional films and videotaped productions since the late 1970’s.

He makes his home with his wife Katy and family in Cambridge where he owns and operates General Films, a film and video production company. He is also one of the originators of this blog.

He is showing a series of photographs (crossing over), as well as photo sculptures from a larger installation piece he and Katy Schonbeck are collaborating on entitled, "Weighted Words."

Photograph by John Carlson

"The images for "emergence: crossing over" were produced while I was working on a film with performance artist Katy Schonbeck, about chaos theory and how it relates to the love and loss of her father, Bennington College icon, Gunnar Schonbeck . The cinematic nature of the individual still photographs inspired me to mount them in context to one another, making the structure of the wall become “filmstrip like” as the images float in a single straight line depicting the movement of a life towards its final fiery finish."

Tomorrow we will be highlighting Filmmaker John Oakley and Choreographer / Performer, Kerri Countryman!


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