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The FieldWork Group Show- Oakley & Countryman The FieldWork Group Show- Oakley & Countryman

Come, enjoy the free art show featuring, The Fieldwork Group at the Beacon Feed Studios behind Hubbard Hall on Thursday and Friday at 7:30, January 3rd and 4th 2008! Don't miss the Premier of John Oakley's new film, "To Russia with Love," Kerri Countryman's new dance piece, Untitled, as well as, drawings, photography, and performance art!

Here is more information about one of the artists you will meet during the show, and what they have to say about their work.

Janet McGhee conducts the Battenkill Chorale 2007 (Photo: John Oakley)

John Oakley - Filmmaker

John Oakley is a retired architect with a growing love of the visual world and music. Having retired several years ago he enjoys more time for photography, videography, travel and music among other things. John is documenting the activities of the Battenkill Chorale including the Chorale's adventuresome tour of Russia planned for the summer of 2008.

(Photo by Nikolai Rakhmanov)

"To Russia with Love, is a fifteen minute video about the Chorale's plans, hopes and dreams to sing in Moscow, St. Petersburgh, and Yarolslavl in June. The upcoming trip has been a dream of the Chorale's Artistic Director, Janet McGhee, since she founded the Chorale thirteen years ago. Janet took choruses from Boston to Russia four times in the 1980's. She is excited to finally take members of her Battenkill Chorale to Russia." --John Oakley

Janet McGhee on tour in Russia 1980's

Kerri Countryman - Choreographer

"I'm interested in the human body's relationship and/or reaction to space, music, rhythm and emotion."

"As I explore movement as a sensory experience, I strive for authenticity and an understanding of what brings us together and what separates us as human beings."


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After knowing Kerri for many years, I am excited to finally see her choreography.

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