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The FieldWork Group Show- Schonbeck & Schonbeck The FieldWork Group Show- Schonbeck & Schonbeck

We would love you to attend an art and performance evening at the Beacon Feed Studios behind Hubbard Hall on Thursday or Friday at 7:30, January 3rd and 4th 2008!

Here is more information about the artists you will meet there and what you will be seeing.

From "Walls" (Photo by: John Oakley 2007)

Gail Schonbeck

Gail Schonbeck has been writing poetry off and on since her public school years. Participating with the FieldWork Group has been most inspirational and supportive for her.

Gail took dance classes in her elementary and junior high years. In 2001 she joined a Bennington, Vermont dance improv group presently called the Shape Shifters. They dance every week and occasionally perform in the area.

As a musician, Gail has collaborated and performed with her daughter Katy in Katy’s dance works. You will see their first dance improv duet together, based on Gail’s short poem “Walls”.

Gail lives in Hoosick Falls.

(Photo by: John Carlson 2006)

Katy Schonbeck

Katy Schonbeck makes solo and collaborative works. She and her mom, Gail, have been playing together for 44+ years in one-way or another! The FieldWork Group has given them an opportunity to explore yet another mode of creative communication. Katy holds a BA in Mathematics and Dance from Bennington College and a Masters in Education from MCLA. She teaches math at Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington, VT, and dance at Hubbard Hall.

Katy talks about the inspiration for her work and about the pieces you will be seeing at the show on January 3 and 4th:

“I am fascinated by the use of complex (dynamic) systems as models for understanding and managing change within organizations, particularly educational and political organizations. Complexity and Dynamic Systems have been topics of intense mathematical research for over 30 years. Complexity Theory has captured the interest of thinkers in many fields outside of mathematics as well. Evolutionary biologists, improvisational dancers and musicians, physicists, animal behaviorists, civil engineers, urban planners, social scientists from around the world are adapting dynamic models to help understand current issues in their respective fields.

Over the course of the past several years, this work has become as much an exploration of personal change as of institutional change. In particular, I am interested in the experiences of grief and loss that often accompany, precipitate, or are a result of significant change.

From "emergence" (Photo by: John Carlson 2007)

The performance piece, emergence, is a reflection on such questions as: “How do I understand deeply, personal experiences like my father’s death within a larger social context?”, “How am I part of a collective consciousness, social grieving, and communal loss?”, “How can my emotional experience of significant change (and for many in our society, death is the ultimate change) inform my intellectual explorations of change?”

The visual art pieces excerpted from Weighted Words explore self reflective qualities of personal choice and political policy, the recursive relationship between social ethical systems and individual morality, the human desire (instinct?) to seek pattern and meaning in the midst of chaos.”

From "Weighted Words" (Photo by: Katy Schonbeck 2007)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Performance Art is wonderful to experience and hard to see in a rural community. Thanks for bringing the cutting edge to Cambridge.

11:34 AM  
Blogger Milton said...

Applications for complexity theory have been an important part of my own journey as I explore better ways of organizing ourselves and helping each other. It would be great to see this dance and hear you talk more about it. You should consider talking to The Banff Centre about coming to Alberta for a show - - as they utilize artistic approaches to serious leadership development. Let me know if you are interested. I'm glad to have learned of your work.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Brooke said...

I would like to get in touch with Katy Shonbeck, my pal from 1981-82 and the Irish Rebel Theater. I see that this is an old post, but so far it's the only reference I can find of her.
Anyone, please pass this on if you can.

11:17 PM  

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