Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Several times a year I stop to take pictures of this red house on one of the hill in the Valley. Every time I pass it I am instantly brought into a Currier and Ives atmosphere. So strong and imposing, sitting alone on it’s beautiful hill, it seems to be keeping knowing watch over it’s realm.
Framed against ever-changing skies it has always been a sight to behold in every season, but this photo is my favorite. For me it radiates the atmosphere of the holidays in the Northern United States. It seems to be waiting for it’s family to come light the windows golden bright and to kindle the fireplace logs into welcoming, homey warmth, inviting it’s family to come be enwrapped within all of the security, surety and soothing ease it can provide. It is a house alive with all things family, waiting to protectively enfold every inhabitant within its walls. My imagination perceives this house as forever exhibiting its ability and willingness to offer itself to families for generations to come.
I admire and appreciate the Red House on The Hill. So, I offer this representation of its peaceful loveliness in a Seasonal greeting from The Cambridge Valley and her environs, and from myself, to all of you who visit this blog this Christmas season. God bless you and yours and bring the joy and peace of Jesus Christ into your homes and hearts in your celebration of Christmas. May the New Year bring good health, happiness, prosperity, and wisdom to All. -June Mohan
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