Monday, January 14, 2008

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Remembering What Once Was
When I saw this old abandoned home a couple of years ago I was struck by it’s melancholy beauty. It seemed to be inviting me inside to share it’s memories of the golden times in its past. Times gone by but never forgotten - at least never forgotten by the house.

It pleases me to think our passing leaves footprints behind in the places of our lives. Places which remember us, good or bad. Places which would have no purpose for existence but for our presence in them.

This wonderful old building is another one of those which I pass frequently and photograph almost as frequently. But, this particular sundown caught the structure as I’d never seen it before. The setting sun glowing on the broken windows and worn siding gave me the sense I was being allowed to become privy to its inner thoughts and feelings. The light seemed to show me the glow of the fires and lights which once burned within the old house’s framework. For me the glow was a visual echo of the hopes and dreams, loves, dramas and growth of its families. I couldn’t help feeling compassion for this house’s losses, yet it also seem to reassuringly communicate to me its reassurance that it is not alone. No, it will forever have its memories to companion and warm it.

Since taking this photograph someone began rehabilitating the building. I don’t know how far they will take it. It would be wonderful to think they could one day return it to its lovely strength and quiet splendor. Would that they repopulate it with more kind memories for it to hold close to its now cold, idle, hearth. I hope others can see the love and story-filled past it once knew; see how it seems to wait for the restarting of its life again. Maybe it’s usefulness as a home is now over. Only time will tell.-June Mohan
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