Friday, April 25, 2008

Cambridge Life 4/25/08 Cambridge Life 4/25/08

Photo: John Carlson & June Mohan

Hey folks! I took a walk down Main Street this week and marveled at my friends and neighbors' activity. New topsoil was being spread and lawns seeded, lots of tree and limb trimmings were out on the sidewalk awaiting Village pick-up, and Stewart's was calling me for that first ice cream of the season (which I resisted).

So here is my dilemma, I need to bust-up a whole area of my lawn. Anyone out there good with a tiller or have a small tractor with a tilling attachment? The plan is to turn the back end of my property into a meadow of wild flowers, but I need to turn the lawn under and prepare the soil before I put down the seeds. I know that I cannot manage a tiller myself (unless I don't mind loosing a foot, which I would not be very happy about) and am hoping that a generous neighbor would like to lend a hand. I won't talk but a moment with the right equipment. If you can help or know where I might go to rent the right sort of "little" tractor, please call 677-8471 or email Debra Pearlman with the information. I'd be willing to barter.

That's what my life in Cambridge, NY is focusing on....getting some landscaping done!

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