Monday, April 28, 2008

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log


One month ago this field was covered with a different coat of white: that of snow. Look what a month brings. Now it is covered with the white gossamer, which protects the new, delicate vegetables being grown for the Moses Vegetable Stand in Eagle Bridge. Every year I spend long, relaxing times sitting and watching this evolution from a fields of white snow to a field of white cloth. Then, as the little plants grow they raise the material from the ground to greater and greater heights. On windy days this “ocean” of white undulates with the breezes, creating an experience very similar to what I have known on the Atlantic Ocean. Sailing off the coast of Maine I would spend hours watching the great movements of the ocean waters all around me. Witnessing this phenomenon in Moses’ vegetable fields is also, in itself, a beautiful, calming experience.

Before long there will be a bounty from this rural, upstate “ocean”. I can’t wait until I can finally taste the delicious tomatoes, corn, peppers, and squash from our local “sea” of white.


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