Monday, December 22, 2008

Do you dream of a white Christmas? Do you dream of a white Christmas?

Here in the north country we generally have a white Christmas. But this year we are having an exceptionally white, icy cold holiday. It's been 10 days since the ice storm hit the region and there are still people without power. With temps. in the single digits and snowfalls of over 18 inches, it's really hard to not think about a sunny vacation.

I left Cambridge on Saturday, venturing down to the Big Apple for an annual Christmas party at my friend Betsy's house. Best laid plans and all that, I had to dig out from the Friday snow storm twice before I could get the car out of the barn. The drive down was uneventful, but it did snow all the way to the NY City line. Good cheer and company greeting me upon my arrival on Staten Island, I met an interesting neighbor of Betsy's whose son just happens to be the conductor of the Albany Symphony (talk about your small worlds!).

The next day it was off to Baltimore to celebrate Christmas with my sister. No traffic on the NJ Turnpike and an easy drive south made for good time on the highway. Now I sit here listening to the weather and hearing about the new 9-inches of snow that fell in upstate NY and temps in the 3 degree range. I pass along a deeply appreciated Thank You to KT & John for taking care of my boys and probably having to shovel my driveway as well as their own. I owe you a digging out....get you next snow storm.

So here I sit at 8 am, planning the last few days before Christmas and looking at the green lawn and it Christmas without snow? If you live in Cambridge, NY, probably not!

Happy Holidays!


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