Thursday, August 31, 2006

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

Rice Mansion- The imaginative little girl in me has always delighted in big houses and mansions. The beauty I find in their facades assists me in creating fanciful histories about them and their previous residents. How many families resided in each house? How many children ran the halls laughing, chasing one another, being chased by their parents? How many people were born in those upstairs bedrooms? Who were they, what were their personal stories? How many weddings took place in elegant front rooms and how many delicious meals were cooked in the kitchens as those kitchens were modernized how many times?

The Rice Mansion Inn is such a place of wonder as the little girl of my imagination finds itself visiting those families, walking their halls, eating at their tables, dancing at their parties, playing in their yards.
Photo: (Copyright Mohan 2004) To contact the artist, please send email to:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Windows of our World's Windows of our World's

Looking out my window this morning I thought about how our windows frame views of our worlds, and how interesting it would be to have CambridgeBuzz readers share these views.

So... get out your digital cameras and take a snap of your unique view of the world and send me a .jpg at I will post it ASAP. Please put the time and the date you took the picture, and your general location (I.E. Cambridge, NY etc).

8:00am, 8-30-06, Cambridge, NY

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jack's Outback Rendezvous #23 Jack's Outback Rendezvous #23

Cast Iron Hearse Embellishment Circa 1880. Jack says, "these would go on top of a horse drawn hearse, there would be maybe six of them in all and they would put decorative feathers in them." Jack believes there is a story about the deeper meaning of these urn-like embellishments, and he would love it if someone that knew the answer to that mystery would post it here by clicking on COMMENTS. Thanks!

At Jack’s- there is a story behind every artifact. Go Visit Jack’s Outback, 30 West Main Street, Cambridge, NY 518-677-2929.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #23 Treasures of Cambridge #23

Molly Watson pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House has lived in the Cambridge area for almost 16 years, which accounts for her entire life.

When I asked Molly to tell me about herself, she instantly responded, “What is there to tell? I am a Math geek and it works. I know the first forty-two digits of Pi by heart and I know the derivation of the quadratic formula front and back off the top of my head.” She recently found out that the 42nd digit of Pi is the key that unlocks secrets in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Her passion for numbers accounts for an interest in the making and breaking of codes and may lead her to a career as a cryptologist some day.

Besides math, she loves to work with computers and “argue politics,” being a member of both a model Congress and UN. She is always thinking about the fate of our country and the planet and about how to get the US out of some of the negative predicaments she sees the present administration has gotten us into. She had aspirations in her younger years to become the first female president, but now feels as though the system is too corrupt and she would rather not get involved on that level with the politics of power.

She loves learning yet feels disappointed by NYS focus on state testing. She feels “No Child Left Behind” is a recipe for disaster, doesn’t work, and alienates both teachers and students from their main jobs, which are learning and teaching.

Molly’s prop is a dog tag given her “by the first boy labeled… “The Boy.” It was a blind date that started off interesting, and later became the date from hell. It was quite funny actually; I was going to send it back to him, but then said to myself, “naw, why bother!”

Molly wants to be remembered by “changing mathematical law, discover something new in mathematics, like Feigenbaum’s number.”

Cambridge, NY Life for 8/28/06 Cambridge, NY Life for 8/28/06

Photos by Debra Pearlman All Rights Reserved

I have a car god! Yes, near Cambridge, NY in the Village of Shushan is a greese-monkey par excellance! Clint Rushinski has been working on my cars since I moved to Cambridge. Besides having a great view to admire while you wait for your car, Rushinski is a fair, honest mechanic. Even The Car Guys will tell you how great that is to find, anywhere!

Clint kept my VW running into the 200K+ mile range and now he is making sure my Subaru last equally as long. His shop floor is so spotless that I feel I should take my car through the car wash before going in for an oil change.

Really folks, if you want a great mechanic, check out Rushinski's Automotive in Shushan, NY. It's just a short ride away, and he has loaner cars, if you can't wait for the work to be done.

Just another great thing about living near Cambridge, NY.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

RED JOE SAYING GOOD NIGHT-Sunset, March 12, 2005. I have often photographed Red Joe. Although, having never been formally introduced, I do not know his real name. He lives at the Chestnut Hill Riding Academy in the outskirts of Cambridge, NY. I have gotten to know him and several of his friends photographing them from the roadside over the past couple of years. Now when I stop my car across from them they have no fear of me, they know me. Joe even poses for me now. I believe he is used to having his picture taken by his owners. He even comes down to the fence to better get a look at me while I work. He’s a handsome and sweet creature and I enjoy his quiet company for the few minutes we commune now and then. I hope one day to see his people outside the buildings and go introduce myself to let them know how much pleasure Red Joe and his companions have given me as they let me sit at the roadside taking their pictures and chatting with them. Maybe I might even be able to meet Joe as who he really is one day. That would be a treat!
Photo: (Copyright Mohan 2005) To contact the artist, please send email to:

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jack's Outback Rendezvous #22 Jack's Outback Rendezvous #22

Carousel Horse Stargazer (circa 1915) built by the Allan Herschell Spillman Works, out of Tonawanda, NY. The "Stargazer" refers to the way the head and neck of the horse are extended skyward, appearing to be looking at the stars.

Jack says, "this horse does not have it’s original paint, but in the carousel business the horses needed to be repainted every year due to normal wear." Jack tells me about the earliest carousels which come out of the 1700’s and were designed with a pit dug in the ground under them where men would walk in a circle to power the ride.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #22 Treasures of Cambridge #22

John Carlson pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House has lived in the Cambridge area for over 22 years.

John loves the Cambridge area for the people, the architecture and the land. “I have traveled a lot and witnessed many different landscapes. None speak to me as profoundly as the land here in our area. It embodies a human scale that invites you in and holds you dear.”

“When I think back to my childhood home, the streets of NYC, it is hard to know when exactly I made the transition from being a city person to a country person. I remember family picnics as a young boy, I would eat in the car to steer clear of the buzzing and crawling insects that were attracted to our food.”

John learned to overcome his fear of the natural world with a camera and a backpack; taking pictures of the wonders of National Parks across America. It was also the birth of a career as a photographer and later, filmmaker. John has made a living documenting the interaction of humans, their habitats and the plants and animals they share that land with. “ I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to interesting places like South America, Africa and Alaska, taking pictures and making movies for organizations like, The Wildlife Conservation Society, National Geographic and Discovery Channels.”

John’s prop is a video camera. For the past five years, along with being a cinematographer and editor he has begun to produce and direct his own projects. He owns and operates General Films, LLC a media production company here in Cambridge. Currently he is working on a couple of feature length documentaries, “Being Wayne Adams” (a film about the life and times of a unique theatrical producer in NYC), and “A Question of Justice” (a film that follows the lives of four ordinary men who faced extraordinary challenges and made heroic choices).

John also is a principle partner in the fledgling company Buzzwave, a media relations business. Buzzwave utilizes the latest technologies to empower communities and companies to build bonds that lead to economic and social development by helping them communicate their unique stories. This Blog you are reading is the result of one such effort.

When asked how he would like to be remembered he simply says, “I love people, I love making art; I want to bring beauty and joy to others and to grow and develop into a trusted, caring and capable human being.” John can be reached by email at:

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cambridge NY, Farmers' Market 8-20-06 Cambridge NY, Farmers' Market 8-20-06

Back by popular demand (Photos: courtesy of Almost Awake)

This week at the Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market you will once again be entertained by one of the regions hottest musical groups, Almost Awake. Tracy J. Chapman and Dave Shaver have created a unique and exciting sound. Dave's harmonies and percussion are a great counterpoint to Tracy's clear voice. Check out their music this Sunday at the Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market.

Photos by Debra A. Pearlman All Right Reserved

We know that fall is just around the corner and you can get a taste of "early" fall from Saratoga Apple. One of the largest apple farms in the area, Saratoga Apple provides us with year-round, New York State apples and fruits.

Photos by Debra A. Pearlman All Rights Reserved

I make killer apple sauce all year long thanks to Saratoga Apple. They grow more varieties of apples than I knew existed and their cider is "to die for!" If you're driving between Cambridge, NY and Saratoga Springs on Rt. 29, stop in at Saratoga Apple. Your won't be disappointed.

Rain or shine, between 10 AM and 2 PM, the Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market is the place to be on Sunday.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

A BRIGHT-EYED FERDINAND-This handsome bull lived over on English Road in Cambridge, NY during this past Summer of 2005. As soon as I saw his youthful, sweet countenance amongst the flowers I had to get his photograph. You just know all of the cows sashay through the pasture trying to get his attention.Photo: (Copyright Mohan 2005) To contact the artist, please send email to:

Breaking News from Cambridge, NY Breaking News from Cambridge, NY

A new association of tourism based businesses

I know that you all enjoy reading about and seeing the photos of Cambridge, NY, but let me tell you about another exciting area that surrounds Cambridge. We like to call it the Towns and Villages of the Battenkill Valley (TVBV).

Christine Hoffer, owner of the Rice Mansion Inn spearheaded the move towards creating an association that would focus on tourism based businesses that are within the triangle created by the towns of Cambridge, Greenwich, and Salem, NY.

For the past few months a core group has been meeting and talking to local establishments about this new venture and on Monday, August 14th, approx. 50 people gathered at the Historic Salem Courthouse to discuss formalizing the creation of the Town and Villages of the Battenkill Valley Association.

Christine made a dynamic presentation and argument as to why we need this association. Sarah Kelly of Over the Moon Graphics presented initial designs for a brochure insert and web site. Debra Pearlman and Hilary McLellan of BuzzWave talked about the BLOG they will help create for the group. Membership dues, creating a 501 (c) 3, and other items were discussed. Below are the minutes from the meeting.

If you are interested in joining the Towns and Villages of the Battenkill Valley Association you can contact Christine Hoffer at 518-677-5741, or post a comment on this BLOG and I will send you make sure you receive your application.

August 14, 2006

Meeting of the Towns and Villages of the Battenkill Valley Association

Increase in spending
Increase in Sales Tax Collection
Increase in jobs
Create stable year round and seasonal employment
Created thriving businesses that serve the tourist and the residents. This equals places to shop, sleep, eat and be entertained.

Transient/Corporate Traveler
--Individual & Retreats
Heritage Traveler
Adventure Traveler
--Soft: needs a hot shower and toilet
--True: will camp
Resident Traveler
--Local looking for a room for friends and family
--Within an hour drive of home
FIT & Group Traveler
--Wants one stop shopping in planning trip
--Theater, Music, Fine and Craft
--U-Pick, Educational, Culinary, ASA, Focal Points, Alfresco,
--Battenkill Robuix, Balloon Festival Classic & CVC Century Ride


Unified Marketing pieces with branding
--Website & Blog
--Tourism Newspaper
--Generate our own demand
--Holiday Trimmings
--Winter Wonderland
--Packaging events already happening
----Music From Salem, Hubbard Hall, Fort Salem Theater, Farm to Fiber...
--Battenkill Valley Roadshow
--Attend tradeshows
--Blitz outlining communities
--Target Market Advertising
----Americade & NYS Firefighters Assc.
--Occupancy tax
----Bring to your Town Supervisor attention and request that action be taken


$4,500 matching grant from Washington County Tourism Special funding-RECEIVED
$2,500 matching funds from I Love NY -REQUESTED
Seek corporate funding
Association fees
--$25 Base membership
--$50 Base membership with link on website
--$75 Base membership with link on website with photo and presence on blog


Agriculture related funding
--NYS Dept of Ag & Market Agritourism Grant Program Due Sept 11
Adventure related funding
--Healthy Heart Trails funding-Cycling due Nov 2006
Arts funding
Preservation Funding
Occupancy Tax
KIOSK Funding


Bruce Ferguson asked about the structure of the association. We are a loosely formed group that is working to create a 501 c 3 w/ board and all elements necessary to be successful. Bob Akland emphasized the importance of this especially because of dues and grant monies. ACTION: A quickbooks account has been established at the Rice Mansion Inn for accounting purposes. At next meeting we will present a slate of officers to include President, VP, Secy, Treasurer.

Charlie Duvee asked about the markets and can that be included in the information sent out. Please note it above and on the application. The focus of the next meeting will be a brief overview and then breaking out into focal groups based on the target markets. A facilitator will be assigned to each group along with a task list for the group.

Debra Pearlman, Hillary McLellan and Roger Wyatt spoke about the BLOG and how this segment of the web has grown and what it can do to help not only the individual businesses but also the region. The BLOG will be the story about you, your business and the Battenkill Valley. The WEB site will be simple with a focus on your businesses vitals. The blog will feature daily specials focusing on you the businesses example: Monday-Restaurants, Tues-Lodging, Wed-ARTS, Thurs-Activity...your story. The goal is to have at a minimum 20 new postings a week. Each posting stays live on the blog in the archive FOREVER!! Or close anyway

We are much stronger together than we are individually.


For an application and information please click on the comment tag and send your email or call Christine Hoffer at 677-5741.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jack's Outback Rendezvous #21 Jack's Outback Rendezvous #21

Hand Cranked Mop Wringer Jack has always been enamored of hand cranked items. Jack says, “Here is one took me a long time to figure out what it was.” This all cast iron, finely geared, mop wringer has a patent date of 1909. “Everyone was going patent crazy at the turn of the last century. Imagine someone coming up with the idea to have a mop and a wringer system attached to the same handle. It is a beautiful piece of mechanical art.”

At Jack’s there is a story behind every artifact. Go Visit Jack’s Outback, 30 West Main Street, Cambridge, NY 518-677-2929.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #21 Treasures of Cambridge #21

Stephen Lack pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House has lived in the Cambridge area on and off for nearly 20 years. Stephen says he has been, "following Red Eft’s all over the planet. I love my salamander brothers... anybody who can regenerate an arm or leg is OK by me!"

"What brought me to the area were friends of mine who were staying on a farm called Tara Hill, near the Rexleigh Bridge. My wife said our friend always picked the most beautiful places to live, whether it is in Santa Fe, Utah or here." They fell in love with the beauty of the area and bought a house on the Battenkill River.

"If there was only one thing I enjoyed doing most, I probably would do it all the time. Luckily, I am multi-vectored, shall we say. I like to paint, I like to be with my friends and family and I like to stare… and these three things can be in direct competition with one another. If you are staring out the window your friends don’t like it and you don’t get to paint. So everything needs to be done in its proper place. I like to eat too. Wow, I guess that is one thing that you can do with all the others!"

His props include a paintbrush, a work of art he produced, called The Threesome, (which depicts two soldiers walking away from a dead friend) and a copy of the New York Times.

Stephen’s main connection to the town of Cambridge is Varak Park, where he has one of the wonderful artist spaces in the beautiful Victorian Building.

Stephen himself has never been to war. But he has friends who have, and has lost friends. He talks about the idea of war as being heroic and the reality of war and how these things have changed because of photojournalistic images of death and destruction. "Everyone has become appraised of the situation, and what used to shocking, now has become simply melancholic."

Stephen does not think that the New York Times always tells him the truth, but he feels it, "at least gives you some of the dots to apply your cerebral global positioning to."

He would like to be remembered by his children and his grandchildren. "I would like to have a bit of a legacy so that they could point to things and areas in society and the culture that I either participated in or contributed to in one way or another, or that I enjoyed. It is that finger of continuity in to the future."

"There is a grove of pine trees on McDougal Lake Road , and you would not think anything of them, you might just walk past them. And then one day, somebody said to me that their grandfather won that grove of trees at the Washington County Fair in 1907. That made me feel so good, I cannot go past those trees without thinking of a kid with a shinny brushed cow, or something he did really good, and he won that grove of pines. What a beautiful thing. That’s legacy."

Friday, August 11, 2006

Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market for 8-13-06 Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market for 8-13-06

You can purchase Logo canvas bags at the Cambridge Farmers' Market

Direct from the farm to your table happens every Sunday at the Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market. You can plan your Sunday supper while walking from vendor to vendor buying chicken, lamb, pork or beef, great vegies for grilling or tossing in a salad, local wines and beautiful flower arrangements to place on your table. Your taste buds and family will thank you for the feast they are about to receive.

While at the Market, you'll be entertained by Bliss and Robbie McIntosh. Bliss is a master baskets weaver and wonderful flute player and Robbie plays the fiddle. Together their music brings back that wonderful lazy summer day feeling of long ago. Come and dance a jig with Bliss and Robbie.

Photos by Debra Pearlman All Rights Reserved

Once you work up a thirst dancing to the music, stop over at Something's Brewing to whet your whistle. Gregg Perry and Beth Trattel's espresso bar is located at 93 Main Street in Greenwich, NY. They have light fare and pastries that compliment their line of fair trade and organic coffee. You can also have them put together a custom gift basket for the coffee lover in your life.

Photos by Debra Pearlman All Rights Reserved

Summer hours for Something's Brewing are Monday & Tuesday 8 AM - 11:30 AM, Wed-Friday 8 AM - 3 PM, and Saturday 10 AM - 3 PM. Of course, Sunday you'll find Gregg at the Cambridge, NY Farmers' Market. Come and grab a cup of java!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

Driving to Shushan the other day I was taken as usual by the incredible beauty of this area that we live in. It is a pleasure to each week have a view of that from the artistic eye of area photographer, June Mohan. Thank you June, for gracing CambridgeBuzz with your vision and sweet reflection!

Cambridge Valley Spring from Perry’s Orchard Road
A perfect spring day filled with early new spring greens and traces of last year’s crops. One of our many little valleys wakening to spring. I drive this road often and never cease to find new pleasures to photograph. This is a little farm which sets in the valley below another farm. How beautiful it is for me to drive around and see our farms and their buildings terraced upon the hills down into the valleys, just a shout and a stone’s throw from each other, independent yet always there for one another. They dot our hills and valleys like pearls of self-sufficiency strung upon strong strands of loyalty.-June Mohan
Photo: (Copyright Mohan 2005) To contact the artist, please send email to:

Cambridge, NY Life for 8-9-06 Cambridge, NY Life for 8-9-06

copyright 2006 Debra Pearlman All Rights Reserved

One of the things I like most about Cambridge, NY is that within the Village of Cambridge folks have farms. If you have 5 acres of land (you'd be surprised how many homes come with that sort of acreage), you can have farm animals. Locals take advantage of this by having sheep, goats, chickens, and these beautifully exotic Scotch Highland steers.

copyright 2006 Debra Pearlman All Rights Reserved

Native to the Scottish Highlands, these beautiful redheads enjoy an idyllic life in Cambridge, NY. These two live just across the road from my house, but they are not the only Scotch Highlands in town. They are gentle by nature and if you've the property, make great pets.

I love the fact that from my front porch I see lush hills dotted with cows, horses, and Scotch Highland Steers. It's just one of the wonders of living in Cambridge, NY.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jack's Outback Rendezvous #20 Jack's Outback Rendezvous #20

This weekly Rendezvous with Jack gives us an opportunity to take a step back in history to a time when the objects in our lives were most often wrought from the resources that came from the community we lived in and by the hands of people we knew and invested in their livelihoods.

Horse Hair Strainer/Sifter Circa 1870. Jack says he can't guarantee it, but from what he has heard from others, this could be a Shaker made piece. If it is not, the rich detailing surely is Shaker inspired. The strainer itself is made of horsehair finely woven, the body of split Ash, and is fastened with small hand cut brass tacks. The golden patina of the hand rubbed oil finish and the tasteful decorative details makes Jack exclaim, "Now this is a sweet piece!"

Go Visit Jack’s Outback, 30 West Main Street, Cambridge, NY 518-677-2929.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #20 Treasures of Cambridge #20

Carol Bollinger Green pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House has lived in the Cambridge area since 1979.

Carol was born and raised in Pulaski, N.Y. She met her husband at Syracuse and after tying the knot, his work as a natural resources pilot brought them to the area. They moved to South Easton because it was close enough to Albany for him to commute to work, while giving them a life in a rural farming community; a fine place to raise their two daughters.

Carol loves living in the area, "it is wonderful being so close to nature, and in a place where people are so open and friendly." She also loves being close to a large wilderness area like the Adirondacks and yet within easy access to cities as well. "To have the best of both worlds."

Carol is an artist and teacher; she gives classes in basic drawing and watercolor for adults of all skill levels. "I like working with adults and helping them find their own way of painting and drawing so they can enjoy using that for their own creative expressions. It is really great to watch people open up and blossom in their abilities, to express what they see or experience in their minds eye." She teaches all over the capital region, including such places as our own Hubbard Hall, Hudson Valley Community College, and the Troy Arts Center in downtown Troy.

Carol’s prop is her Mother’s Adirondack pack basket, which she inherited. Carol has fond memories of hiking in the mountains with her Mom, seeing her with that basket. Now, Carol uses the pack to carry her art making supplies to the classes she teaches. "It reminds me of her everyday, and is also very useful for my work."

Carol would like to be remembered as, "someone who helped people find a way to express what is in their heart; if that might be accomplished through drawing or painting."

Friday, August 04, 2006

Cambridge NY, Farmers' Market 8-6-06 Cambridge NY, Farmers' Market 8-6-06

You won't want to miss this weeks Farmers' Market. Not only are the local farmers bursting with fresh vegies, but the musical guest is none other than Cambridge, NY based Cantaluna.

Photos with permission of Stephen Alcorn. All Rights Reserved

Starting as a duo with Stephen Alcorn and Richard Barbierri, the group now plays as a duo, trio (with Ferrilyn Sourdiffe), all the way to a sextet. It's always a treat to see Stephen and Ferrilyn, whose voice is pure magic. Be sure to come and hear then on August 6th.

Photos by: John Carlson and Blue Moon Clay Studios All Rights Reserved

While at the Market, check out Blue Moon Clay Studios booth. John Visser may even have his portable potters wheel on hand to demonstrate the art of "throwing" clay.

Photos: John Carlson. All Rights Reserved

If you're looking for a really unique wedding gift, this is the place to find it. John and partner Brenda McMahon create pottery art. Brenda specializes in Saggar-fired porcelain vessels and tiles, wheel-thrown and hand-burnished pots. John creates functional and sculptural forms, from large vessels to unique coffee mugs. I can guarantee that a gift from Blue Moon Clay Studios will be a one-of-a-kind creation.

You can also enjoy a visit at the Blue Moon studio by following the Pottery Trail, a tour of six clay studios in New York's Albany-Saratoga Region.

Cambridge Farmers' Market is good eats and a whole lot more....

See you on Sunday.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

Spring Bird - Early last year I found this beautiful bird by his call. It was near evening on Whiteside Road in South Cambridge and he was hopping from branch to branch in the trees. His colorings, sapphire blue, purples, lavenders, black, grey and that amazingly bright topaz eye make him a living jewel on wings. I do not know what species he is. Perhaps a viewer might know and drop me a line to advise me. I am so blessed to see so many beautiful creatures in my travels around our beautiful valley and the birds are such special joy for me. I do wish I recognized more than cardinals, sparrows, crows, chickadees and pigeons, not to forget to mention the buzzards, wild turkeys, red-tailed hawks, bald eagles and golden eagles I’ve been privileged to photograph. -June Mohan
Photo: (Copyright Mohan 2005) To contact the artist, please send email to:

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cambridge Job Opportunity Cambridge Job Opportunity

With skyrocketing gas prices wouldn't it be nice to walk to work in the village? The Village Store located at 25 East Main Street in the historic Hubbard Hall building, is looking for the right person to fill the following position:

20 Hours per week; flexibility required
$12.50 per hour, paid vacation time

Recruit, train and support volunteer base
Purchase merchandise
Oversee general store operations


Please send letter of interest and resume by August 15 to:
Hiring Committee
The Village Store
25 East Main Street
Cambridge, NY 12816

The Village Store is a for-profit corporation, clearked by volunteer, with all profits benefiting Hubbard Hall Projects, Inc. It carries on the tradition of selling general merchandise since Hubbard Hall began in 1878.