Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Movement Meditations # 2 Movement Meditations # 2

Tis’ the season of New Year’s Resolution Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga Classes, Gym Membership Workouts. All this vigorous activity feels good- defying the short gray days, taking back control of one’s health, penance for holiday debauchery. Yet my body senses that all this activity is some how off base, missing the point- my tendency is to hibernate, retreat, go dormant until the spring thaw.

My body feels cold often these days with the lack of sun, our efforts to save on heating oil, the ever-shifting damp January weather. The chill has sunk deep into my bones and I feel vulnerable as a result. Cups of tea, extra layers, thicker socks help to stave off winter’s freeze. The additional clothing creates interesting restrictions when it comes to movement. I am not inspired to lay on the floor- too much bulk between my body and the ground, which is drafty and uninviting at this point any way. So I am finding the upright, slow, often seated places and ways in my home to move in and from.

The Classic Chair Dance- Mine is one of a series- sweet explorations of my spine and shoulders against upholstered cushions. The Hibernations: cocooned little dances at 4 am before the inevitable alarm, still buried beneath the piles of blankets and quilts, true Sleeping-Waking-Dreaming dances.

Sleeping-Waking-Dreaming is exactly what is sounds like. It is a movement form that explores the space of shallow ‘almost asleep’. These are moments just before we let go of the day that has past and sink into dream. These are also the moments just before we decide its time to open our eyes and let in a new day. Sleeping-Waking-Dreaming inhabits that place where we have “almost dreams”. Luxurious, gentle, moving in this way reminds us that our bodies are not static. Even in stillness, there are subtle shifts of position, transfers of weight, expansions and contractions that follow our breath.

Here is the playlist from last week’s Meditative Movement class.
I’ve included links to sound clips.

Selections from “Glaciation” Patrick O’Hearn

“Six Marimbas” Steve Reich

Symphony #3: III Lento-Cantablile Semplice Henryk Gorecki

This week’s “homework” (to be done if the moment presents itself): Do a Sleeping- Waking-Dreaming dance while waiting – in the check out line, for your email to load, for your coffee to brew, the tea to steep.

Remember your body LOVES to move!


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